In Reno, Nevada on Saturday night, Donald Trump’s rally was disturbed by a White guy bearing a ‘Republicans Against Trump’ sign who was declared to have a gun by another man in the crowd. The sign-bearing protester was tackled by fellow rally attendees and escorted from the area by security, while Secret Service agents forced Trump from the stage, fearing for his safety.

What has this presidential race come to? I would have thought this sort of thing should’ve happened during the Obama-Romney elections, but no…leave it to a shit-stirring rich White fogy who’s still trying to hop in bed with women 30 years his junior to start all sorts of commotion. He had it coming after all those comments – that can only be termed ‘retarded’ – he has made since becoming the GOP candidate. I do believe that should he win, there will be an attempt made on his life.

The protester, Austyn Crites, age 33, of Reno, said that he only wanted to voice his opinion about Trump and that while he ‘loves’ his fellow Republican brothers, he does not support Trump as the Republican candidate for president. In fact, Crites has stated that he has canvassed for Hillary Clinton and even contributed to her campaign, as well as voted for her. He had to remove comments he posted to social media (indeed, the entire Facebook account was taken down) after the usual keyboard cowards responded with remarks such as ‘Hillary Shill’, ‘Clinton Thug’ and ‘Trump Assassin’. Mmm, sounds very much like the types of words a Trumpeter would use.

“Take what happened to me tonight as a classic example of dictator incitement of violence – against your own Republican brother with a stupid sign,” he wrote.

This is not the first such incident to occur at a Trump rally. When you put rabble rousers, barely educated idiots, race baiters, and follow-the-leader sheeple together in one room, what the hell do you think is going to happen?

 – Secret Service agents rushed to shield Trump onstage in March after a man tried to rush the stage during a rally in Dayton, Ohio, but the GOP nominee wasn’t escorted off stage.
 – And a man was arrested at a rally in Las Vegas in June after he tried to grab a police officer’s gun, which he said he planned to use to shoot Trump.

I will be more than relieved when 8 November 2016 is over. Once those votes are calculated and the winner is announced, that will be it. Clinton or Trump will be in the White House come January 2017 and that’s that and all you crazed, foaming at the mouth Reds and Blues will have to live with it.


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