Well, you’re in good company. So the fuck am I. I am tired of the endless bullshit about Hillary’s emails, the never-ending bat guano about Trump’s rampant sexism, and the entire Democrats versus Republicans, Liberals versus Conservatives, Left versus Right horse manure! I am ready to throw in my towel and just say, the hell with it all. Let me live in isolation, a total recluse, the rest of my days and I will never again vote for any of those liars in any future elections. Just let me breathe damn it!

But wait, the Cons cry. You can’t do that! We must fight to our dying day against the terrorists, the illegal alien hordes, the LGBT rainbow nation, the Black Lives Matter movement, and women’s lib!

You can’t stay neutral, scream the Libs. What about our battle against the 1%, redneck bigots, and the Christian Right? How are we going to win this war with the wealthy hatemongers of the GOP?

It’s my opinion that most if not all politicians are lying scumbags. They will say and do anything to get into office, and once they’re in there, all those promises that fell from their smooth-talking mouths fly out the window. They get perks, receive incentives to back this corporation or that, and basically, they care nothing about the little people – and I don’t mean dwarfs.

Hillary wants to get back into the White house badly. But Donald wants to get in there equally as badly. She’s an experienced politician – he is not. She’s a woman – he’s a man – but they are White and that’s probably extremely important to a lot of American voters of Caucasian lineage who are simply sick of having a Black family living in the ivory mansion of the Chief Executive of the US.

You’d think Whites would be happy either way, since both candidates are Caucasian – but no! They are faced with having a (gasp!) woman running the country, or a billionaire businessman. You either want someone with a political background who has been involved in some shady shit, or you want an inexperienced asshole whose ambition is merely power (and who also has been involved in some shady shit of his own). Either way, it’s a no win situation and whoever is elected, the country will be in the worst shape ever – and it was in pretty damn bad shape after 8 years of George Bush’s idiocy.

I am beyond tired of politics. I want out and I’m getting out. Whoever wins, more power to her/him and I wish him/her the best, because whatever happens, they won’t be as detested as the Obamas have been. I’ll grant you that because when it comes down to it, White people will stand by their own. Let’s see how many memes there will be poking fun of the Clintons or the Trumps once the Inaugural Day has ended. Let’s see how many of you keyboard klansmen will create your memes about any of them!


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