Shocking news! Why have I not heard of this before last weekend? A study done by the American Journal of Human Genetics in 2014 discovered that 19% of Southern males identifying as White and 5% of Southern females classifying themselves as European have a minimum of 1% African ancestry and a maximum of 2%. The numbers were the highest in Louisiana and South Carolina, two of the biggest slave-owning states…Charleston still has the block where slaves stood to be looked over like cattle by slave owners of European extraction. I’m sure other slave selling cities do as well.

Other states where Whites have that ‘one drop’ of Negro blood (if you can declare such which I do) include North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas and believe or not, Nevada, followed by West Virginia, Florida – that strange non state – Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Virginia. The states where Whites had the least amount of African DNA are Minnesota, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Funnily enough, West Virginia and Oregon are the two states where Blacks have the least amount of African DNA.

According to the Washington Post, people with 15% or less African ancestry were not likely to call themselves African American – and why should they? I would state that to consider yourself African American or Black or whatever, you would have to carry at least 75% African DNA. I don’t even have that much myself and I’m not biracial. People with 50% or more African DNA were more likely to consider themselves as Black. My half sister is only 25% African American when you look at the fact that her mother was White (Italian American) and her father half Black, half White. This would make her one quarter Black. However, she dates only Black guys (as her mother did) and calls herself ‘mixed’ or ‘light-skinned’. If you look at her, you would think she was either biracial or Hispanic and not 3/4 Caucasian.

Latinos in the Southwest, according to another study, are more likely to carry Native American DNA than those living in the Northeast and South, where percentages of African & European DNA are higher. In fact, 20% of Latinos in Louisiana have African DNA, with New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia right behind. States sharing a border with Mexico are where Latinos with the most Native American ancestry are found.

DNA is interesting and it doesn’t lie. Take that to the bank, all you Confederate flag waving bigots!


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