Social media reaction to Donald Trump’s win:

Without a white supremacist or materialist lens, how does one see President-elect Trump as something more than a mediocrity?

Our new First Lady was a stripper. We went from a Harvard graduate to a stripper!

I woke up this morning thinking how the KKK and white supremacists are celebrating more today than at any time since probably the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. While they and the racists and xenophobes party like it is 1954, the rest of us can do a few things. I want to visit Utah’s mosques and hug our Muslim friends and assure them that we love them and that they really are our friends. Who wants to undertake this with me? I am serious. That’s a start to counter the effects of this election just a little.

Yesterday: Love TrumpsHate! LOVE everyone! Today: f*ck you misogynists! Racists! I hate you all! HATE HATE!

Time to move to Canada…’s the beginning of the fall of civilization……


I’m scared for all the black lives, LGBT community and disabeled people. 58M voted for Trump… This is scary and sad.

My cat spent the night throwing up…coincidence???
RIP United States of America 1776-2016

So… just recap our election.. Republicans win the Presidency, Senate, and House.. markets plummet in reaction to election of said president.. California legalizes marijuana.. bans single use plastic bags.. speeds up death penalty process.. wants to pay for higher prescription drugs.. and our newly elected president enters to the tune of the opening of the movie Air Force One.. what a world we live in..

9/11 never forget 11/9 always regret
America, you’ve really screwed yourself with this one. Those who voted for Trump deserve the four years of hell he’ll bring.
Please hug your LGBT friends, your non-white friends, your female friends, your non-Christian friends. America just told us we don’t matter.
Good News: America got a time machine. Bad News: It went back to 1929.

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