New York City

A large group of protesters marched on Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan Wednesday night, chanting, “My body, my choice,” “Not my president,” and “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”


“You saw all of the hate was coming with him, and you were just hoping that that would never come to fruition, and it has,” anti-Trump protester Will Rossi told Chicago’s ABC7.

Washington DC

Protesters filled the streets in Washington, D.C., and gathered outside the newly-opened Trump hotel.

Los Angeles

Many protesters gathered at City Hall, where they burned a piñata of Trump. Another protester wrote “F*** Trump” on city bus.


Protesters marched through downtown, carrying signs that read “Black Lives Matter”, “Misogyny has to go,” “Love Trumps Hate,” and “The people united, will never be defeated.” They also chanted “Not My President,” as Seattle Police officers on bicycles closely watched over the marchers.


The protests were mostly peaceful, except for splinter groups that vandalized the city’s downtown area, setting objects on fire and breaking windows, according to the the Oakland P.D.’s public information officer, Johnna Watson.


Protesters chanted “Not My President,” “No Fascist,” “We Will Not Be Silenced,” and “No KKK,” while carrying signs that read “He Will Never Be My President.”


The crowd of anti-Trump protesters burned American flags and chanted, “That’s not my president.”


“We are not going to take anything lying down,” Chris Price of North Philadelphia told WPVI. “This is Philadelphia. We don’t take anything from anybody.”


Hundreds of protesters shut down several streets in Virginia’s capital city Wednesday night as they marched, chanting, “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA,” “Not My President,” according to ABC affiliate WRIC.


“As we wrap our minds around this failed attempt at democracy that we as a country have witnessed in this election, and brace ourselves as Americans for a new Republican commander-in-chief with a majority Republican House and Senate; we are even more strengthened in our resolve to fight,” read a statement from the group before the protest, according to ABC affiliate WFAA. “Most everything out of the Trump campaign has been divisive and contrary to those values written in the U.S. Constitution.”

There were also anti-Trump demonstrations in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh & St. Paul.

C’mon, people! The man won fair and square! You didn’t see any of those redneck rabble rousers out in the streets wearing their white hoods and bearing Swastika flags when Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012. Get over it. Grow up. This only shows the world that Americans are ignorant, childish, and not very smart, that Americans will pout when things don’t go their way like spoiled brat toddlers.

I didn’t vote for Trump – or Clinton – and I dreaded the election’s outcome because I knew that Trump would – well, trump Clinton. I knew it before I read the predictions of all those political pundits. The American people are fed up. They are tired of illegal aliens taking jobs away from citizens (as well as the companies that so willingly hire them), they are tired of refugees from countries that are anti-USA being allowed into the United States, they are tired of sending foreign aid – taxpayer money – to fund governments that teach their citizens to despise Americans, and they are tired of Liberal bullshit that lets this crap go on and on. 

I’m not saying that Trump is going to do anything about it. People will say anything to get elected. But he won the election and Americans are just going to have to live with that fact. 


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