The United States has dissolved into a lawless land of rioting youth, hate against women, extreme anti Islamic sentiment, and racists on the rampage. I had high hopes for my country when the year 2000 was ushered in; now I feel nothing but shame and embarrassment at calling myself American.

Never have I witnessed via social media and news outlets, the frank violence that has come to signify life in the USA these days. All over Facebook, there are blatantly bigoted posts just as there are Tweets on Twitter that are so hateful, you can only wonder at the mind that produced such words. Not that I do, because I have posted a lot of musings here…however, I am not all over social media penning words that will incite the masses. I am not out in the streets urging others to commit acts of violence and vandalism. What the hell do your posts and Tweets mean to me? Not a damn thing, I do not know you and never will meet you, so fuck you and your keyboard cowardice.

Often I will tell the Kracka Klown Klub off, but not always. Hell, they ought to be happy they are finally getting rid of that detested Black family and now will have a precious White family in their beloved White House. Mostly, the Trumpets are silent on Facebook – I guess they figure if they blow their own horns, a bunch of pissed off Blacks or Latinos or Muslims will come to their towns and trailer parks and cabins in the woods and beat hell out of them and their kinfolk.


People have got to have something to work themselves up into a frenzy over, and the fact that those teabag Republicans are now in control is a good reason for their ire. I knew those closet supporters, who dared not place a you-know-who sign in the yards of their McMansions, were going to vote one way and one way only. I really am not surprised at the outcome. So why are you?

Why are you White yuppie Liberal Bleeding Hearts out there protesting? Don’t you have office jobs to go to? Why waste your time engaging in protests and riots and all that? It only gives the Rightists more fuel for their anti-Left fire. It also makes you look like an asshole, a whiny little child who pouts when things don’t go your way. Why are you giving those Republishits grist for their Anti-Obama and anti-Lib mills?

If you think what’s happening now is bad, just wait. It will only get worse in the coming years.


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