The United States Government and all those that comprise it – mainly politicians who will tell a bald faced lie to their own grandmothers – cares not a jot for the lives of Native Americans. This was proven back in 1838 and 1839, when that despicable racist Andrew Jackson had the Cherokee people forcibly removed from their own lands in what is called The Trail of Tears because of its virtual ruination of the Cherokee Nation. Google the Treaty of Echota for more information on this iniquity.

Millions of Native Americans have perished since the Europeans arrived on New World shores. Why anyone who can call her/himself a Native would have anything at all to do with White people is beyond me, but there are apples just as there are bananas and Oreos. Frankly, as the descendant of slaves as well as Europeans, I can’t say that I have much to do with White people outside of my fiance and I wouldn’t be with him if there was no love between us. (I guess you really can’t help whom you fall in love with.)

The carelessness with which the Native Americans are treated is proven again with the Pipeline Protest. Slavering dogs and Mace and riot batons bring to mind the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s and how the protesters of that era were treated – basically, like they were just piles of shit. That’s how many Whites see those of us of color, and not even the wrath of their god will change that outlook. It’s like I wrote in a previous post, Whites are wired to be racist. It’s in their genes, they cannot escape it no matter how liberal they appear, how many friends of color they have, or if their significant other is non-White.

From the Mother Jones site:

Protests continue on the anniversary of the Whitestone massacre, a day in 1863 when the US Army killed more than 300 members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Video surfaces of private security attacking Native protesters with dogs and mace. At least 30 people were pepper-sprayed and six people, including a child, were bitten by dogs, according to tribe spokesman Steve Sitting Bear.

Bernie Sanders and four Senate Democrats issue a letter to President Barack Obama, calling on him to suspend construction permits and compel the Army Corps of Engineers to complete a full environmental impact statement for the entire pipeline proposal. Journalist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! announces she will turn herself over to North Dakota authorities to face a criminal trespassing charge brought against her for her role in reporting attacks on protesters. Documentary filmmaker and producer Deia Schlosberg is charged with felony conspiracy for her reporting on the protests. EcoWatch reports that the charges levied against her carry a maximum sentence of up to 45 years.

Since when has the US Government cared about any people other than those of European blood and perhaps refugees from various countries whose leaders preach hatred towards us and any Westerner? It is a damn shame that the Natives had their land stolen from them by greedy Whites, were forced to live on reservations, made to send their children to schools that taught them to be embarrassed by their tribal ancestry, and had the government of the United States fight against them at every turn whenever the Natives protested their ill treatment. It is loathsome to continue to perpetuate cruelty against the Natives when you took every damn thing from them that you could. That’s White people for you, everywhere they go they wreak havoc and cause mayhem – even in their own countries.


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