Finding Bigfoot is an entertaining show in which four people, at least half of whom are highly educated, travel to different states where they waste time interviewing redneck proles in Town Hall meetings, camp out in the woods at night and make a variety of ludicrous noises that are said to engage the interest of a Sasquatch, and usually wrap up their experiences with a declaration of the existence of Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, or whatever name the local yokels term the mythological creature.

Finding Bigfoot has a team that consists of BFRO founder Matt Moneymaker (what a surname), fellow ‘Squatch’ enthusiasts Cliff Barackman and James ‘Bobo’ Fay, and skeptic Ranae Holland who is a trained biologist with field experience in animal tracking, as she spent 15+ years researching grizzlies in the wilds of Alaska, according to a recorded episode I watched the other evening. Bobo is the funniest group member, though they all send me into hysterics every time they start their ‘wood knocks’ and ‘Squatch howls’ and other demented behavior. Man, can you believe it from these grown ass people? I just shake my head at their antics and watch on.

One of the most interesting and very comical aspects of the show are the infamous Town Hall meetings where the rednecks and hillbillies get together to tell their Bigfoot tales to the researchers and their fellow yokels. Some of these people will actually give vocalizations to the creatures they encountered, and while some of them are clearly tall-telling for the attention, others are to sincere to really doubt. Most of these tend to be military guys, and one was a trained biologist same as Ranae.

The most infamous ‘proof” that Bigfoot is an actual being comes from the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin footage, which I am sure most if not all of you have seen, whether on TV programs or the Internet. It seems that for every dozen people who want to prove the existence of this hairy critter, there are at least a dozen that wish to disprove it. It’s hard to believe that any adult in this day & age would even admit to belief in the Sasquatch but that’s the power of wanting to fit in for you. I for one do not believe Bigfoot is real, and I also believe that the Patterson-Gimlin film is one of the biggest hoaxes to ever surface.

According to many people, Roger Patterson was a conman of the highest caliber, one who misled a lot of folks who believed in him and his vision, to the tune of thousands of dollars (Vilma Radford, rockabilly artist Jerry Lee Merritt, Glen Koelling, Pat Mason, and even Bob Gimlin who sued Patterson’s widow and Al DeAtley for 1/3 of the proceeds of a film – and won in court). Robert ‘Bob’ Gimlin was Patterson’s good friend and the one who was out there in the piney woods with Roger when, lo and behold, they come across a bipedal creature loping through the brush that can only be described as a…Bigfoot!

But Bob Heironimus (I’ve also seen it spelled Hieronimus) claims to have been the supposedly female Sasquatch in that notorious film! From what I have read and watched, Patterson-Gimlin’s footage has not been definitively proven a hoax or real, but if there was such a creature as Bigfoot roaming the forests and woodlands of America or any other country, there would have been more evidence of it by now. There would be bones, fur, DNA corroboration, something tangible to show that Sasquatch is a living, breathing being. Yet there is nothing, Nothing! My opinion? No such critter as Bigfoot exists.


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