Jewish pig Amy Schumer

A White lady once said to me and some other women, mostly Black: “White women have no class.” She was referring to this other White woman who was always in a man’s face, showing off her body and basically behaving like, as someone once called Hitler’s niece Geli Raubal, ‘an empty-headed slut.’

It’s true that White women lack shame and they lack class when they mistakenly believe that class oozes from their pale little fingers.

Whenever you see a White woman out jogging, she’s practically naked. Yes, almost naked. What else do you call it when a female is out in public wearing a bra and coochie-cutter shorts? It’s no damn wonder that White women are raped and murdered by serial killers and other violent creatures regularly. You have to be a lady not a hussy, you’re pretty much begging for it when you venture out in something that looks like underwear.

When White women exercise inside, they still have the need to show off their bodies in bras and very skanky shorts. Even when they are in a class filled with other women! They simply love to be naked. I notice this is as true of White women with chunky figures or bony bodies as of those with perfectly curvy builds. They just have to show off their flesh, allow others to gaze upon their forms…they leave little to the imagination. I’m not sure why this is true, but I see it not only where I live but in countless workout DVDs and on TV.

I’m not saying that there aren’t any Black, Hispanic, or Asian women who dress as slutty…I’m sure you see that type of thing in cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, and Los Angeles. But you don’t see it where I live, at least not with Women of Color.

White women – and Whites in general – seem to be more obsessed with sex and things of a sexual nature than other ethnic groups. Having dated men of various races, I believe that this observation rings true. Caucasians are definitely more into sex, and Caucasian men tend to have a preoccupation with the size of the penis as opposed to Black men, for example. As for Hispanics, I never noticed any decided fixation with the size of the genitals – they come second with sexual addiction however. I have only dated 7 guys in my lifetime, with 3 of those being White, 2 Hispanic, and 2 Black – and it was always the Whites, with the exception of my current beau (who is on medication that interferes with arousal, fortunately for me) that wanted sex on a regular – usually nightly – basis.

White women love flaunting their sexuality even when they aren’t that attractive. They are typically considered ‘easy’ by non-White males, which is why you see so many of them chasing after the bimbos. I know, I have been told this by both Hispanic and Black guys. They actually mentioned that White women are easy to bed, which is why they would go after them – even those that preferred to date women of their own ethnicity.

My beau’s sister is one of the biggest whores I have ever met. I’ve been dating this guy nearly 3 years, and in that time his sister has been with 5 different men, 1 of whom was Black. She may have been with more than these, we only know of 5. He’d told me that his sister can’t go 3 months without a man and apparently it’s true. She was with one of these losers – a racist skinhead who wound up beating her so badly, he put her in the hospital for several days – for more than a year, living in a tent in the woods and bouncing from one person’s basement to another’s worn living room couch, smoking crack and shooting heroin and snorting crushed pain pills. She is currently in rehab, no doubt looking for a new male victim to sink her voracious claws into.

White women have no shame, and they lack any modicum of class. No wonder so many White men these days are giving not just Asian women but also Hispanic and Black women a chance.


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