The Whites of these United States have a great deal of hope in President Elect Donald Trump. He preyed on their fears during his campaign, and they are anxiously awaiting his ascendancy into the White House – yay, finally a Caucasian male is back in the Oval Office! – and to watch as he goes about implementing the changes he claimed he would do in order to make ‘America great again’.

Don’t hold your breath, White folks.

8% of Blacks – the percentage of Black voters who actually cast a ballot for Trump – as well as 29% of Hispanics and 29% of Asians apparently believe in Trump as well. I pity the fools. Trump has been credited with some of the most racist declarations I have heard from a Republican candidate, and the fact that he has German blood (shades of Nazism) on his father’s side is proof enough of his alleged racism. A lot of German Americans are in fact racist, probably more so than any German…I have been to Germany several times and in general was treated with far more civility from these ‘children of Nazis’ than by my fellow White Americans, whether Southern or Northern.

Trump has been placing well-known White supremacists/nationalists into important cabinet positions, according to many news sources. He appeals to the closet racist that resides in most White Americans and believe me, they are not always natives of Texas, Florida, or Mississippi. I saw the Hooded Order whenever I watched news footage online of Trump rallies, and by the jubilant, rabid expressions on the faces of his supporters, I knew the future of this country would soon be in the hands of Ku Klux Klan sympathizers.

Whites are tired of President Obama and having a brown-skinned family in their White House, they are fed up with Black Lives Matter, they are weary of Muslim refugees being allowed into America when the governments of those countries are so anti Western anything, they are sick of illegal aliens having jobs and getting state aid and basically being taken care of by taxpayers, and they have had enough of Obamacare (though Trump has back-pedaled with his plans to dismantle Obamacare now that he’s been elected).

White Americans have a lot of hope in Trump. They honestly believe that this billionaire, a reality TV star and womanizing sexist extraordinaire, will decrease taxes against the middle class, increase taxes for the wealthy of which he is a member, build a wall along the border with Mexico to keep out those pesky brown-skinned people who refuse to learn to speak any English, prevent Syrian and other Islamic refugees from entering the United States, and allow racist institutions free reign to harass, terrorize, mistreat, brutalize, and even kill People of Color.

As Chauncey DeVega wrote in his excellent online essay, Dear White People: An Open Letter on Race to Donald Trump’s Supporters

At this moment in history, this means that people like you who voted for and support Trump are racists who have made a decision to do harm to your fellow Americans. You should make peace with this fact and own its moral and ethical implications. Unfortunately, there are many people like you who instead of being ashamed are feeling quite proud. You will soon learn with Trump in office how racism does not just hurt black and brown folks; it can and often does hurt white people, too. I hope you enjoy the lesson.

So do I.


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