Whether it is a cultural phenomenon or simply the result of being raised by a single mother, Black men (particularly Americans, I can’t speak for those living in other countries) tend to be scornful of women. They constantly put us down, call us ‘bitches’ and ‘whores’, use us and abuse us. Mind you, I am not stating that all Black men are this way, but a great many are. They are childish, rude, impolite, and quite damn silly. Not all of them, of course – but the younger generation is especially so. Hell, it seems that most millennials of any color are immature but so many of the White guys act wiggerish (same with the Hispanics, at least in my area) that it’s no wonder many younger women are choosing to date their own gender.

But Black men…!

It’s not always a matter of race either. I have personally known White women who were mistreated by their Black boyfriends, yet they stayed with them most of the time because they had children with them. Being with these White women – none of whom were even remotely attractive and had probably been rejected by White men, who place a specific emphasis on body size and looks more than Black and Hispanic men do – certainly did not move these Blacks up the socio-economic ladder as they were living off taxpayer funded state aid. It did not make them more acceptable to Whites. It was simply their preference – and for a few of them, their way off of the streets.

It’s almost as if Black men take it out on Black women for their absent sperm donors, when it’s not

the single mom’s fault that dead-beat ‘dad’ didn’t want anything to do with them. For sure, Black men carry a lot of self-hate and a big ol’ inferiority complex as well. Why Black women – or any other race – will put up with their shit is beyond me. It’s like my life in this interracial relationship with a guy who’s got serious love-hate issues with both his mother and his younger half sister. I know he’s got problems but those are his to deal with, not mine. He’s the only White guy I have dated who has perhaps a bit of dislike for women, just because his mother abandoned him to be raised by his great-grandmother. He gets tears in his eyes whenever he speaks of his late father who, he’s admitted to me, was a racist (even though he loved soul music the best) who refused to speak to his own daughter because she preferred to date Black men (the drug dealing type who often abuse women), yet he will not hesitate to refer to his own mother or his rather foul-tempered sister as ‘bitches’ and ‘cunts’.

However, I digress.

The 2 Black guys I dated were after only one thing – sex. Same with the 2 Hispanics. Only the White men ever tried maintaining a relationship with me, despite my natural hair and (I must confess) my  bad moods, and my curvy body.  The White guys would tell me I was beautiful, compliment my cooking, and try to be supportive as far as my educational and employment goals. Not so the Black guys, though the Hispanics would tell me I looked ‘pretty’ and all. The Black guys just wanted to fuck and believe me when I say that intimacy with them wasn’t the best. Wham bam thank you ma’am…

Even the Black guys in my family are this way, and my sisters have both been abused by their mates. Some of the older generation females were in relationships with males who took out their rejections, frustrations, and other shit they perceived they were being dished by White society on the women in their lives. I know this because I personally witnessed it and left me with a bitter taste as far as Black men are concerned.  I know that they are not all that way, but damn sometimes it seems that way!

Black men: so your daddy isn’t around. So you have dark skin and thick lips and nappy ass hair. So you are looked down upon by Whites, feared by Asians, and held in contempt by Hispanics. So what? Why should you take it out on the very women you should be uplifting, the Black woman? You need to recognize that if it were not for Black women, there would be no Black men. Black Lives Matter would not exist without Black women. We are not all Ghetto or have Attitudes or Huge Butts or Hood Rat names.

Get off that Eurocentric trip you are on and learn to be real men once and for all.


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