Palestina ‘Tina’ Isa. Amina and Sarah Said. Noor Almaleki, Sandeela Kanwal. Aasiya Zubair (also Hassan). Do any of those names sound familiar? They do to me, mainly because I am an aficionado of true crime and a devotee of such shows as American Justice, Evil Kin, and Blood Relatives, among many others.

Palestina Isa, known familiarly as Tina, was murdered by her parents for becoming too ‘Westernized’, as were Amina and Sarah Said (all three of these young women dated non-Muslim men) and Noor Almaleki, who refused to stay in an arranged marriage and was living with her Iraqi American boyfriend and his family). Both Sandeela Kanwal and Aasiya Hassan Zubair were killed by their husbands for wanting out of their respective marriages.

Tina was stabbed to death by her father whilst her own mother held her down. They didn’t like that she was so Westernized to the point of liking rock & rap music, had a job, and was dating a Black boy – and a non Muslim at that! Because Tina’s father was being investigated by authorities for having terrorist leanings, her entire killing was caught on audiotape. I have heard the chilling excerpts played on at least 2 different crime programs on television,

I also learned of Amina’s and Sarah’s deaths via a show I watched on ID – and it was appalling. How a parent could so this to his own flesh staggers the imagination. Those beautiful young women had their lives snuffed out, and what for? Some sort of ‘dishonor’ they brought upon their family simply because they dated guys who were not of the Islamic faith and thus, were  too ‘Westernized’? What the hell do these foreigners expect to happen when they emigrate from their Third World hellholes and bring their children up in a better country?

Aasiya Zubair was beheaded by her estranged husband following years of alleged abuse just because she wanted out of the unhappy marriage. Apparently, the man was mentally ill and went into fits of violence whenever he was off the medication he had to take. Sandeela Kanwal was also murdered by her father when she wanted out of her arranged marriage. The family patriarch thought that a divorce would bring ‘dishonor’ upon the family so rather than face that, he killed his own daughter.

The sad case of Noor Almaleki, which I only learned of last week, has stayed in my mind ever since and will probably never leave. This comely young Iraqi woman was run down by her own father, who was driving an SUV, along with the mother of her boyfriend, just because her parents did not approve of her associating with the other Iraqi immigrants – they felt that their former friends had become too ‘Westernized’ – and her rejection of an arranged marriage. Noor languished in a coma for days, was declared brain dead, and immediately removed from life support by her defiant, hateful mother (who I feel should be in prison right with her husband).

These types of killings don’t get a lot of press coverage due to fear of being labeled ‘racist’ for demonizing the murders, which are closely tied to Muslim culture. But I don’t care, I’m agnostic and if you want to call me a bigot for posting this, I do not give a damn. It is what it is, and ‘honor killings’ are murders that deserve to be relegated to Hades. You don’t kill your kids for wanting to fit in with her or his friends, being too ‘American’ or ‘British’ or ‘German’ or whatever. If you want to stay Iraqi or Pakastani or Indian or whatnot, you stay in those nations and keep that type of crime in those nations. Don’t bring them over here, we have enough of our own violence to deal with.


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