There are some people who are so annoying that just knowing they breathe the same air as you do irks the hell out of you. Then there are those other irritating bastards and bitches whose faces you keep seeing on TV or in magazines and movies (even though some of them can’t even act), whose voices you keep hearing on the radio (though their music sucks and they can’t sing a note, which goes for probably 99% of the so-called singers in these horrible times), and you just wish they would vanish from the face of the earth.

Join the effing club, mate!

This post is to dishonor those infuriating mo’fos we get so damn sick and tired of…assholes like a certain Black rapper/singer come to mind instantly,,,and reality star shits who would ordinarily not ever have their names known by anyone outside their immediate family and local law enforcement…

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Bernie Sanders
  3. Hillary Clinton
  4. Benjamin Netanyahu
  5. Charles Manson
  6. Shaquille O’Neal
  7. Kanye West
  8. Paris Hilton
  9. M. Night Shyamalan
  10. Green Day
  11. Neil Patrick Harris
  12. Lil Wayne
  13. Jerry Springer
  14. Taylor Swift
  15. Pharrell
  16. Queen Latifah
  17. Jay Z & Beyonce
  18. Drake
  19. Maury Povich
  20. Oprah Winfrey
  21. Rush Limbaugh
  22. Newt Gringich
  23. Miley Cyrus
  24. Sofia Vergara
  25. Ellen DeGeneres
  26. Garth Brooks
  27. Jennifer Anniston
  28. Alfonso Ribeiro
  29. Dr. Phil
  30. Jillian Michaels
  31. Richard Simmons
  32. Ariana Grande
  33. Lt. Joe Kenda
  34. Rosie O’Donnell
  35. Janet Jackson
  36. Anderson Cooper
  37. Dr. Oz
  38. Selena Gomez
  39. J. K. Rowling
  40. Amy Schumer
  41. Samuel L. Jackson
  42. Bill O’Reilly
  43. Nancy Grace

  44. Celebrity Chefs
  45. White rappers
  46. New Yorkers
  47. Terrorists
  48. Rapists
  49. Ultra Conservatives
  50. Sam Walton’s clan
  51. Religious leaders
  52. Child molesters
  53. Animal Rights activists
  54. Misogynists
  55. Yuppies
  56. Bleeding Heart Liberals
  57. Maroon 5
  58. Serial killers
  59. Rednecks
  60. Death Penalty proponents
  61. Porn stars
  62. Rich people in general
  63. Dog lovers
  64. The Windsors
  65. Vegans
  66. The Kardashians
  67. Sister Wives
  68. Duck Dynasty
  69. Wahlburgers
  70. The New Most Interesting Man in The World

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