Back in the late 60s, there arose from the hippy-filled streets of the Haight-Ashbury a man with a terrible vision. Ex con and illegitimate son of a teenage prostitute – Kathleen Maddox – and, supposedly, a man named Colonel Walker Scott, Charles Milles Manson (he took his stepfather William Manson’s surname) was recently released from a stint in prison – his usual abode – and ready for action anywhere he could find it. He particularly desired a record deal and set about his goal with a single-minded determination that netted him a few songs recorded by the Beach Boys no less.

Enthralled by redheads, apparently Manson hooked up with Mary Brunner and within a few months, was surrounded by slutty women from all backgrounds, mostly the middle class. What they saw in this wide-nose, criminal runt astonishes me even to this day, but to each her own. At any rate, Charlie boy got hold of a bus which he and his followers outfitted in grand hippie fashion, before taking off for other states but typically staying within a couple hundred mile radius of California, to which they returned eventually. Males began flocking to Manson’s little clan, lured by the thought of endless sex and various hallucinogenic drugs. Before long, the group had expanded to a couple dozen members.

This group, in due course to be known as the Manson Family or simply the Family, had only been together for a few years when Manson began his White Album-inspired indoctrination of a racial war that would take place when Blacks grew tired of their mistreatment at the hands of Whites. Manson believed – or pretended to feel – that the Beatles were the 4 Angels of the Book of Revelation and that their so-called White Album was directed at him and his devotees. When ‘Blackie’ had not started this race war with ‘Whitey’ by a certain time, Manson took it upon himself to show Blackie the way, and this is one reason the Tate-LaBianca murders took place. Another reason was merely that Charlie boy wanted to get back at the Establishment that had rejected him and his music.

Victims of the Manson Family

Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, and Steve Parent were slaughtered on the infamous night of August 9, 1969, when I was still a fetus in my mother’s womb. This is probably one of the reasons I cannot get over the brutal killing of Sharon and her unborn son, who would be the same age as I am now (or rather, he would already have turned 47 because he would have been born a few months before I was in January 1970). Manson adherents Charles ‘Tex’ Watson, now dead Susan Atkins, and Patricia Krenwinkel committed the unspeakable acts. Linda Kasabian served as the getaway car driver and lookout.

The very next night, Charlie Boy decided that he had to ‘show them how it was done’ because the Tate murders had gone so messily, and after having Linda cruise the affluent neighborhoods of LA, chose the home of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca as the scene of their second murder rampage a la Helter Skelter. Accompanied by the killers from the previous night, along with Leslie Van Houten and Clem Tufts. Tex, Patricia, and Leslie were left at the house with strict orders to not the victim know that they would be killed, and the others vanished into the night.

It is a sorrowful testament to the gullibility of the human mind that there are Manson fans all over the globe. How anyone could worship this uneducated, exploitative, unattractive felon is astounding but there are sheeple and there are people. When I first heard of the Manson murders, I was a child riding in a car at night and hearing about a group of people breaking into a house and butchering everyone inside gave me nightmares. Then I read Helter Skelter – also The Family – and I wanted to learn ‘why’. Why would Charles Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Leslie Van Houten commit murder at the command of a nobody who didn’t even know his own father? What was wrong with these young people?

Today, if such a crime occurred, I would not be as horrified. I have become oh so jaded to the horrors that we humans inflict upon each other. On the other hand, I would not fall to my knees in homage to the killers either. This is what happened with Charles Manson and his slavish devotees…and it is also what’s happened with a lot of sheeple out there. Too bad Charlie boy is still alive and well at 82. They say evil lives long, and it’s true that a great many wicked individuals tend to have long lives. Unfortunately.


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