According to reports from the Centers for Disease Control, those involved in ‘alternative’ lifestyles are far more likely to be the victims of violence than heterosexuals, for instance. Of course, the Rainbow Nation refutes the findings even though the survey participants came from varied sexual backgrounds. The following data is from the 2010 published results of the CDC’s National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey.

Sexual minority respondents reported levels of intimate partner violence at rates equal to or higher than those of heterosexuals.


• Forty-four percent of lesbian women, 61% of bisexual women, and 35% of heterosexual women experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner in their lifetime. 

• Twenty-six percent of gay men, 37% of bisexual men, and 29% of heterosexual men experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime. 

• Approximately 1 in 5 bisexual women (22%) and nearly 1 in 10 heterosexual women (9%) have been raped by an intimate partner in their lifetime.


Rates of some form of sexual violence were higher among lesbian women, gay men, and bisexual women and men compared to heterosexual women and men. 

• Approximately 1 in 8 lesbian women (13%), nearly half of bisexual women (46%), and 1 in 6 heterosexual women (17%) have been raped in their lifetime. This translates to an estimated 214,000 lesbian women, 1.5 million bisexual women, and 19 million heterosexual women. 

• Four in 10 gay men (40%), nearly half of bisexual men (47%), and 1 in 5 heterosexual men (21%) have experienced SV other than rape in their lifetime. This translates into nearly 1.1 million gay men, 903,000 bisexual men, and 21.6 million heterosexual men.

From the results, the CDC has concluded that far more gay women than gay men experience violence in their relationships, and that bisexual men report more violent behavior such as stalking and rape, than do exclusively homosexual men. There is also the deduction that the reason so many women and men choose a gay lifestyle is because they were molested as children by members of the opposite sex. I have personally known people who were molested by family members, all of them women – with brothers, uncles, and even once a grandfather, who were their molesters. All women lived as lesbians, mostly with ‘studs’ – women that strongly resemble men – as their partners.

But, also according to the CDC’s site showing the results of the survey and what they possibly mean for homosexual violence –

However, despite the numbers indicating otherwise, the homosexual activist organization  Human Rights Campaign (HRC) claims that “poverty, stigma, and marginalization” are the cause of sexual violence.

National Center for Lesbian Rights Reproductive Justice Fellow Lauren Paulk admits that these issues have existed within the LGBT community and have largely gone ignored even among the members of that community.

The comments on the CDC’s article are pretty revealing, and mostly truthful. I must agree that there exists a great deal of violence within the Rainbow Nation – while they may march in their Gay Pride parades and make their unnatural lifestyles appear ‘gay’ and ‘jolly’ and ‘happy’, most of those people are anything but and I write from experience, having known & worked around several gays in my lifetime. The LGBT community loves to point the finger at us straight people and proclaim that we are violent against them…yet how about the violence that exists within their own community? How about all the atrocities committed by homosexual serial killers, for example? I believe that homosexuality is a sickness that never should have been removed from the DSM.


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