People Magazine is the worst publication I have ever had the misfortune to thumb through whilst sitting bored and impatient in a doctor’s office. It is very whitewashed, celebrity-obsessed, and wholly dumb into the bargain. I would not waste a penny on this terrible rag, nor would I even want a free subscription. It is just another publication that glorifies the White race here in this country (as well as globally), putting Caucasians up on a pedestal more so than any other rag in existence. True, they may have a brown face on the cover sometimes but that is rare – almost as rare as a blue moon.

I know that there are other star-fucking magazines out there, but People takes the cake. I have never suffered from that hideous disease known as Celebrity Worship Syndrome, and I honestly don’t know how it feels to be a fan of someone so deeply and feel so strongly about that person, an individual I have never met (and will undoubtedly never meet), that it physically hurts when that person kicks the bucket. I mean, really…who cares anyway? Sure, it’s sad when someone dies but if I don’t personally know that person, it does not truly affect me in any way. I’m certain that when Stephen King or Dean Koontz or Joy Fielding pass on, I will be rather sorrowful but it will be for selfish reasons like when Anne Rule left this world last year: no more will I read another great book by this author.

People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful list is particularly annoying, especially when they have for the cover some two-bit actress that one can barely call even cute. Take Jennifer Anniston, for example. On the plain side to me, Jennifer for some reason was considered – by the Caucasians that run People Magazine at any rate – the most beautiful woman in the world for 2016. WHAT?!?! That bleached blonde bimbo is not beautiful, not even close, and to put down millions of other women who are far more beautiful is, in my opinion, one of the most criminal actions of this magazine for idiots.

Then there’s the Sexiest Man Alive. Channing Tatum was it one year, and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine another – neither guy comes close to being sexy, and Adam’s voice is not even remotely good. Maybe for the bullshit type of music his sorry band puts out…! Now I can understand someone like Johnny Depp, but Channing is not sexy at all by my standards and when you throw in something that looks like Dwayne Johnson…all I can do is shake my head.

I don’t know who fills out these surveys but if it’s White America, they damn sure have no taste. Then again, most yuppie ass White people have zero taste anyhow – geeks and nerds for the most part. Any person who follows the lives of celebrities has no life and ought to be reprogrammed immediately so that they can learn to have some self-respect as well as self-esteem, because if you are a fanatic for any celeb, you obviously have a screw loose somewhere. People Magazine is really a waste of paper and money, and those that read it are sad excuses for human beings, practically brainless and totally pathetic. All I can write here is, I feel sorry for you sheeple.


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