When it comes to music, there are certain names you will hear over and over again to the point of being made physically ill – such as Bruce Springsteen, who never could (in my opinion) sing a note, the guy has one of the worst voices ever, though not as terrible as Tom Petty’s – and Diana Ross, the skinniest bug-eyed bitch I have ever laid eyes on, not the prettiest of The Supremes nor was her voice spectacular…not to mention her greed for more fame & fortune and her lust for European males…

Anyway, my rant today concerns The Beatles. Yes, The Beatles. Why they are supposed to be so great has me puzzled, as I have never held that opinion nor will I ever – the same reason I would not call Elvis Presley ‘The King’ or Michael Jackson ‘The Prince of Pop’…they simply weren’t and aren’t, not to me anyway. No one else is either. There are some good musicians and even great musicians out there, and people with fantastic voices that can bring tears to my eyes, though usually it’s the lyrics.

If you Google ‘Why are The Beatles so great?’ you will get page after page of fanatics waxing rhapsodic about the alleged ‘greatness’ of this English band. Probably most if not all of them are White because I truly do not know of any extreme Beatles fan who isn’t outside of my brother – and he is more of a Prince fan to be honest. If you Google ‘Why are The Beatles so overrated’ you will at least come across pages that explain why, in the writers’ opinions, that English band wasn’t so hot after all.

I believe they are very overrated in the same way Nirvana is, Beyonce is, Kiss is, Jimi Hendrix is, and Madonna is. We all have our own viewpoints about music, movies, books, TV shows, etc, and mine concerning The Beatles is that they are definitely overrated. When I listen to their music, I hear songs with lyrics that many critics exclaim in ecstasy are just unbelievably fantastic, but hell…I think Prince wrote better music and far superior lyrics even though a lot of his songs were on the sex-crazed side. I have also heard songs by bands many people have never heard of, simply because they are outside of the mainstream, yet their songs are as good, if not better, than anything recorded by The Beatles.

When you really listen subjectively to the music of The Beatles, you can hear the ordinariness. Most of their voices weren’t even that great, particularly noticeable in such songs as ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ – which has some of the goofiest lyrics ever in a Beatles song – ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, and ‘Ob La Di Ob La Da’, to mention but a few. The music was not anything to get stirred up about and neither were their looks, which was too English to be considered hot looking, other than George Harrison that is (he was always my favorite). Paul McCartney looked like a sad-eyed puppy, John Lennon had a slinky Asian appearance – maybe that’s why he caught Yellow Fever – and Ringo Starr was just…well, damned ugly.

The Beatles were a good band maybe even a great band – but they damn sure aren’t the greatest band!


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