I always laugh and shake my head at the absurdity of it all whenever a ‘paranormal investigator’ plays back a recording session during which questions are asked of a ‘presence’ that could be there, and Good Gawd Almighty, said investigator hears a voice from the static that is responding to her/his questions!

No matter what, whenever there is even a small blot of static, these investigators always get some type of word or phrase from it. They will repeat it until you start to hear that word or phrase as well and once that happens, it hard to believe that the sound was anything more than…well, static.

Still, a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. – Paul Simon, “The Boxer”

Only last week, Amy and Adam of Kindred Spirits were speaking with a ‘presence’ during an EVP session and of course, they get some replies though they sounded like nothing but white noise to me.(However these people have so much experience behind them as investigators of the paranormal, who am I to say that they are not actually hearing what they proclaim on national TV?) A light goes on in the mind of Amy – but the guy was Polish, he only spoke that language! Yet there they were during their EVP session asking questions in English and supposedly getting responses! They next decide to bring in a fluent speaker of Polish for the following EVP session, and it goes very well indeed. I have never before heard such a detailed EVP session anywhere. It is astonishing how Amy and Adam always get responses during their sessions, whereas on most shows the investigators may get one or two snippets of white noise that they proudly declare to be voices of the dead.

Take a listen to the ‘scariest EVP ever recorded’. It is nothing but static, sounds from living people in other parts of the building, and just more white noise. There is nothing paranormal about this EVP.

We live in a world filled with electronic gadgets. Mobile phones, CB & ham radios, transmitters, TVs and all the other devices of the modern age abound. Who is to say that some – not all – EVPs are simply interference from these items? I have read where some people inadvertently picked up voices from a neighbor’s telephone or other electronic device, and I have had that experience myself when speaking on a cell phone – on three separate occasions, some other voices were heard and the voice of the person I was speaking to ‘vanished’ for a couple of seconds. It was odd and the first time I was nearly convinced that the spirit of some dead individual was trying to communicate with me, but by the second time I knew it was just a fluke with the mobile system because others had the same thing happen to them.

Paranormal enthusiasts will swear to you up and down and all around that those are actually intelligent responses to their questions during those infamous EVP sessions. A Christian person I know states that the church he belongs to believes that these are not the voices of the dead, but those of demons masquerading as the dead in order to fool the gullible. Well, I don’t believe in angels or demons, and I feel that once we are dead, we stay dead…but that is definitely food for thought. I will tell anyone this – I have recorded dozens of EVP sessions, both on my digital recorder as well as my video camera and my Smartphone, in cemeteries where dear relatives are buried and others, as well as in houses reputed to be ‘haunted’, and I have never – not once – ever gotten a single reply to any of my questions. EVPs are fake, it’s as simple as that. Stop playing around with the occult and get a life.


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