Apparently, Black women are considered the least attractive of all the races and ethnic groups, whilst Black men are supposed to be the best looking, despite their having far more negative qualities in a mate than Black women such as a penchant for violence, laziness, lower IQs, and alcoholism.

Beauty, as it is often stated, is in the eye of the beholder. I have seen some butt-ugly men with highly attractive women, and very good looking guys with the plainest Janes on the planet and I’d think to myself, ‘If something that looks like that can get married, so can I!’ However, I have a reluctance to become involved in long term relationships, and have broken off with men that could be considered a good catch just because I had a fear of sharing my life with them. (Now I am in a LTR with a guy who can’t truly be called a good catch, and even though there are times I wish he would disappear, I do have feelings for him and can admit that I am quite fond of him, despite his tendency to smoke pot and obsess over his precious pooch.)

Anyway…I have never been called ugly by the opposite sex, even when I had a weight problem and suffered from acne. My skin is now mostly scar-free, I maintain my weight at a proper size 9 (to be thinner would make me look starved out, and I certainly don’t want to get any bigger), I have zero forehead lines, and I take the best care of myself that I can with the resources at my disposal. In fact, I have always attracted White boys (and later, men) even without trying. I have been hit on by Asian men, Native Americans, Hispanics – and even dated two at separate times in my life – as well as Black guys of the sort who go crazy for a ‘high yalla’ or ‘redbone’, as they like to say – at least, the Old School guys did and probably still do, as defining people by color is something Black people do. Arab men are always sending me marriage proposals via Facebook which is crazy – I’d have to be half nuts to even think of marrying a Muslim unless he’s extremely rich which means he’d have to put me in a custom built mansion, buy me a stable of horses, a couple of cars, and several exotic breed cats to spoil.

Lauryn Hill, considered ‘manly’ by Kanazawa

Because so many different types of men have found me comely, I am boggled why Black women are thought of as the least attractive race by men, period – and mystified why Asian women are seen as so beautiful by men of other ethnic groups. There was a controversial post written by Satoshi Kanazawa published by Psychology Today, no less, in which he argued that Black women were rated the least attractive in a study by Add Health. Now I find this Kanazawa guy damned ugly, a typical flat head, flat faced Asian who is probably either married to a White woman, desires to be with one but can’t attract them, and obviously – as most Asians do – worships the ground Europeans walk on. This is the same study that concludes the evident attractiveness of Black men, a result I find rather laughable.

Kanazawa’s conclusions were rebutted by Scott B. Kaufman and Jelte Wicherts here. They found that Kanazawa’s findings were flawed, perhaps due to his own prejudices I should think, and that Black women were considered no more and no less attractive than White, Asian, or Native American women despite what this London School of Economics psychology professor wrote. And why would someone who teaches at such a school blog about something that is more the area of a sociologist? I would think that a psychologist would be more concerned about something other than people being turned on by someone of a different race or ethnic group, but maybe psychologists have an interest in dating and other social interactions.

My finding? People are turned on by who or what turns them on. There are men who prefer blondes or redheads, women who find short guys ‘the one’ and those who’d rather date someone tall, chubby chasers, people with a fetish for the very thin, foreign accents, dark complexions, brown eyes, full lips, big butts…the list could go on and on. I never allow race to come between me and a possible match and I don’t often go for looks either because I have learned the hard way that the ‘beautiful ones’ are usually the very type to avoid due to their excessive preening and love for themselves. It’s the personality that counts, along with compatibility, as far as I am concerned. As for Black women, we come in all varieties and the most wonderful thing about us is, Black don’t crack.


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