I have never found female body builders attractive. To me, the physical differences between a man and a woman are what make us unique, and a woman with muscles is simply not what Mother Nature intended. When I see a woman with washboard abs, I don’t think, ‘Wow, her stomach is toned!’ I think, ‘Damn, that looks manly!’ In fact, I have had men tell me that well-defined muscles on a female are a distinct turn off for them.

I guess body builders like that type, since they seem to marry each other more likely than not. Many years ago, my brother found Gladys Portugues pretty enough that he actually purchased a body building magazine featuring her on the cover, but her body – at least to my eyes – left a lot to be desired. I guess hubby Jean Claude finds her beguiling as they’ve been married not once but twice.

I don’t even like overly buff guys. Don’t get me wrong here – I do like muscles on a guy, just not the bulging, extremely ripped type. Body builders are so conscious of their appearance, same as actors and other entertainers, that it would probably be a hellish headache to be around one for more than an hour because he’d spend that time gazing at his own reflection in a mirror rather than concentrate on having a chat with me.

But muscle-bound women…!

Sometimes I wonder if women who are striving for a muscular look have a bit of the dyke in them. Seriously. Personally, I would rather have a Kardashian figure than a Heidi Vuorela body but that’s me. I am the type of woman who wears make up – though not an extreme amount – and perfumes, though I tend to avoid a lot of lotion and pink, girly things. I don’t even care for flowers that much. I adore being female and am glad that I’m different from guys. I don’t want a lot of defined muscles, six-pack abs, or hard angles. I prefer my size 9 figure with soft curves and rounded parts.

Even if I were a lez, and I’m proud to say I am not, I wouldn’t go for that masculine, hard body look. When I see muscles, I want them to be on a man and preferably, one that is taller than I with dark hair and sexy eyes…hell, a blinding white bleached teeth smile doesn’t hurt either. (Where are all the lean muscled guys where I live?) My current beau is probably half an inch or so shorter than I am, and while he now has muscles showing in his tummy where a slight paunch used to be, he is no Mister Universe and never will be ha ha ha!

When he first saw me working out with Billy Blanks and his slightly built yet brawny daughter and all their fanatical followers, he made fun of the women with noticeable muscles, stated emphatically he didn’t find them attractive. I never had myself but some guys do, though I’ve never dated any with a body builder fetish. I guess the type of men you will find working out daily will be into that kind of female, but the majority of men tend to prefer sexy, feminine curves – not hard, masculine angles.

Women are supposed to be soft, curvaceous, and very womanly – not hard, muscular, and macho!


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