Many have compared President Elect Donald Trump’s rise to the White House with Adolf Hitler’s road to power in Germany, particularly more so now that he’s been selected as Time magazine’s Person of The Year. Adolf Hitler was Man of the Year in 1938 and Stalin followed in 1939. I’m not sure what this says about Time magazine, which I don’t even read, but apparently to many people today it proves their belief that Trump is simply a modern day Hitler. He even has German blood!

He is definitely a Cult of Personality. His followers are extremists, rabid racists and airheads who will do, say, write, post, and believe anything so long as Trump proclaims it. He has millions of sheeple so blinded to his inherent danger that nothing can be said to dissuade them otherwise. I cannot have a normal conversation about Trump and his future policies with my beau without both of us resorting to cussing each other out or at least one of us getting mad. His prejudices against all Muslims and Mexicans (who are only the biggest group of illegals out there, plenty more come from Central America and even Africa and Asia) is wholly embraced by my boyfriend and many others, most of whom are the type of redneck Whites who despise minorities in general and think all Black men are drug dealing thugs, among other bigoted beliefs.

There have been other presidents who were as bad, if not worse, than Trump, Andrew Jackson was a Native American-hating fighter (he had a passion for dueling that his followers eagerly took up) who is – unfortunately – featured on American currency. Just think what Native Americans must feel when they handle a twenty dollar bill, knowing that this White bigot had their people almost annihilated. If it were the Jews instead, I guarantee you that Jackson’s ugly countenance would not be on any United States note.

Woodrow Wilson was a sympathizer of the KKK – so were other presidents and governors, among other notables – and he was by no means for giving rights to Black people. I daresay most presidents of his time and before felt the same way. Whites were brought up to believe in the superiority of their race, and taught that Blacks and others were ‘different’. That sort of mindset is still present among the Caucasian population today, though they are far more accepting of non-Blacks, in particular Asians despite Pearl Harbor, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and the fact Blacks in America never started any wars with White America. Not until we were forced to beg for our rights as citizens, that is.

A Holocaust survivor actually had this to say about Trump during the rallies and other craziness. I must agree with the guy, even though he’s an Israeli and evidently a Zionist – not because I feel sorry for him as a Holocaust survivor, but because what he had to say to his son is nothing but the truth, it is Trump’s foaming-at-the-mouth supporters who are the dangerous kind, the type of people if you saw coming down the street toward you, you would cross the road to avoid. They are frightening, given to violence and crazed outbursts, and more Hitleresque than even Trump (who supposedly used to read parts of Mein Kampf before going to bed at night, according to ex-wife Ivana).

Let’s see what 2017 brings before we start comparing Trump to Hitler. Time will tell – it always does.


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