This post will piss off a lot of fanatics that tune in every Sunday night to watch this show – my beau included – but if you should ask me if I cared, I’d respond with an emphatic ‘Hell no!’

Big Bad White Men

The Walking Dead is rife with White Supremacy. Of course, it does take place in Georgia, a state not exactly known for acceptance of the American Negro (see my earlier post re: the prom in a hick town in GA as well as the murder of a young Black man by a White man that came about during the female documentary filmmaker’s time there shooting footage of the events). However, with Atlanta being one of the few cities where there are more middle & upper class Blacks than not, you would think that there would be more positive Black characters on this show.

Instead, they are killing off all the Blacks and other minorities! I was shocked that they would get rid of the Asian dude but he had committed the cardinal sin by boffing a White chick and even getting her preggers, so I should have seen his death forthcoming. My beau, who is a lunatic for this series, had a shitfit when said Asian guy and that big redheaded thug were brained by the new cadre of power. I don’t know all the names because I don’t watch the show, though I have seen probably all of the first few seasons due to my boyfriend watching them over and over whilst I try to read to alleviate my boredom…

The graphic novel’s writer, from which this series was taken, is a White male and has the typical White male grandiose fantasies of White Male Superiority. Even young White boys may lead when all else fails, as has been shown time and again with The Walking Dead. White people cannot allow a Black to lead because in their blue eyes, Black people do not have that ability despite evidence to the contrary.  They totally believe that only Whites can lead, so Rick – a slender White man – has been, for the most part, the leader of the pack while more physically imposing (and even more intelligent) Blacks have been cast in the roles of nurturer, third in command (after the ever-popular redneck whose racist brother was dispatched during an earlier season), and that Magical Negro status, which is often seen in the novels and short stories of Stephen King (The Shining, Bag of Bones, and infamously, The Green Mile).

Why must a White male always be the leader, other than that tiger-loving buffoon who fancies himself some type of royalty? White men simply are not going to have someone other than their own in the leader position, that’s just how it always has been and how it’s always going to be. Yes, The Walking Dead is rampantly racist and sexist, with that Macho White Male theme running wild. White men have a deep-seated inferiority complex – specially where their sexuality is concerned – and it comes across in how they deal with the world. The writer of this comic as well as the show’s writer(s) need to have a White male in control at all times, otherwise where would the survivors all be?

Hell, the one strong Black person happens to be a woman who looks like a man. When there are positive Black characters, why must they always have something that isn’t attractive about them, like this Lady Buckwheat? At any rate, I will not watch this series the way I did the first couple seasons.


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