It truly pisses me off whenever I’m watching a crime program and they state that the perp was paroled after a short period of time after committing a violent act, and then the bastard goes on to rape and/or kill a person or people…and they want to throw the book at him (or her) because s/he’s now a repeat offender. Why the hell was a rapist/killer set free in the first place?

A good case in point is the tragic truth of Arthur Shawcross, the Genesee River Killer. This barbarian raped and killed 2 young children: a 10 year old boy named Jack, and an 8 year old girl named Karen. He was allowed to plead guilty to just manslaughter in the case of little Karen (other charges were dropped, simply because he led them to young Jack’s remains) even though, when arrested, he confessed to murdering both of these innocent kids. His plea bargain netted him a 25 year sentence – of which he served less than fifteen before being paroled due to the inexperience of prison officials and staff, who ‘assumed’ that this monster was ‘no longer dangerous’.

Of course, Shawcross went on to murder 12 more victims, only 11 of which he was convicted – all female prostitutes – only a year following his release, and by 1990 he was back in prison (which he should never have left in the first damn place). Michael H. Stone, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University and an authority on violent behavior, identified Shawcross as “one of the most egregious examples of the unwarranted release of a prisoner.” (Wikipedia)

Another tragedy is the account of Kenneth McDuff. This fiend, also known as the Broomstick Killer because the media so loves to give names to these demons other than to call them what they are, saw a teenage girl he lusted after so he kidnapped Edna, her boyfriend Robert along with his cousin Mark, who was visiting Texas from California. The boys were immediately killed; poor Edna was assaulted repeatedly before McDuff used a broomstick to break her neck. For these murders, he was given 3 death sentences and that would’ve been the end of the story had not the damn US Supreme Court have declared the Death Penalty ‘unconstitutional’ – what about those that take the lives of innocents?

This brute gets paroled – yes, paroled after torturing and murdering 3 youths! – and within a few short years, his killing instincts get the best of him and several women wind up having their lives cut short at the vicious hands of McDuff. He is convicted of killing just one, though before he gets executed – finally – he gives up the burial site of another victim. He is believed to have killed up to 5 other women but was never formally charged with these murders.

John McCrae’s victim’s mother with a photo of her dead son

If these convicted killers had stayed in prison, the other deaths would have been prevented, It is very unfortunate that there are Bleeding Hearts out there that want to totally abolish the Death Penalty, allow rapists of children and murderers of the elderly to go free, all because of what? The killer had a terrible childhood…her father molested her…his mother abused him…her grandparents treated her worse than an animal…his parents neglected him…he was bullied in school. So fucking what? Hell, millions of people have shitty childhoods, are picked on by other kids, have parents that don’t give a shit about them, and are sexually, physically, verbally, and emotionally abused. They don’t go out and take someone else’s life because of it!

Jimmy Lee Gray

As far as I am concerned, there should be NO PAROLE for anyone convicted of multiple rapes or even one murder, unless the killing is proven to have been committed in self defense. Serial killers should receive death, just as mass murderers ought to. I believe in an eye for an eye and always will.

More sad examples of killers who were released only to murder again can be found here.

Howard Allen

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