1. 1.
    a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, and a barking, howling, or whining voice. It is widely kept as a pet or for work or field sports.
    synonyms: hound, canine; 

    mongrel, mutt, cur;
    pup, puppy;
    informaldoggy/doggie, pooch, furball,
    man’s best friend
    “she went for a walk with her dog”

One quirk about the Caucasian race that I absolutely detest is their universal obsession with dogs. When I do meet a White person that isn’t canine crazed or doesn’t like mutts at all, I am shocked. I once had an email pal who didn’t care for dogs, which was surprising to me because he was English and the Brits tend to be a nation of very dog-wild individuals, on a par with the Fido freaky French. I also once had an acquaintance who was a Scottish Jew, and he didn’t like dogs much period. Both guys were feline fanciers, which was reason enough to try to marry one of them though I did not due to lack of connection. Now that I am stuck with a canine crazed kook, I sort of wish I had tried to take the friendship further with at least the Jewish guy since he didn’t practice his religion…

White people are so dog-foolish that they have created a TV channel just for hounds. I kid you not. It is called Fido TV and its motto is ‘All dogs. All day. Entertainment for dog lovers…’ which means most definitely, entertainment for White people. I can see my beau’s immediate family watching this shit because they are so dog-crazed they have a house full of yapping little pooches that are always trying to jump in one’s lap or beg for one’s snacks or otherwise get some human attention…gag! Don’t get me wrong, I am not afraid of dogs nor do I actively hate them but I don’t care to pet and snuggle and do all that shit with a dog, nor do I appreciate the doggone – lol – barking or the fur everywhere or the constant attention-seeking behavior, nor do I treat canines as if they are people.

Okay, so there is that annoying Swiffer commercial with the Black (Oreo) family and their precious furball Lulu but of course, this is something that White advertising execs dreamed up, No Black person acts the way these Junior Mints do, unless they are trying too hard to emulate Whites, nor do Blacks even talk that way unless they are striving to be more like Whites. I have never known any Black person to talk to a dog that way, allow it to climb all over their furniture, or clean up after the damn things with a smile and a shake of the ol’ nappy head. This is a characteristic of Europeans that they are now trying to ascribe to non-Whites to advance their Adoration of The Canine. That’s just my opinion.

From Stuff White People LikeWhite people generally believe that dogs have human emotions and that they are capable of loving certain TV shows, films, and music. “Buster just loves watching Six Feet Under!” Even though most dogs would enjoy watching Hitler if he were getting attention every time it came on the TV. (Read the comments and you’ll see how defensive Whitey is when their very real passion for pooches is derided by anyone – they will accuse Blacks and Hispanics of dog fights, Asians of eating Rover, and whine about ‘animal rights’…but they will not comment on the too true fact that when it comes to bestiality, that is mostly a Caucasian phenomenon, and White women kiss their mutts. White people will even allow their hounds to tongue them all over the mouth and face, which is truly quite revolting. See the latest Subaru ‘Share The Love’ ad for a prime example of this type of behavior, which in my eyes is simply another form of bestiality.)

If White people treated other humans that don’t share their skin color the same as they did canines, this world might be a better place, I don’t know though…after all, Adolf Hitler was dog-obsessed too.


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