Who finds Christmas a crass, commercialized day of material worship?

Who knows Santa Claus doesn’t really exist and if he did, he’d be an evil troll?

Who thinks murderers should all get the Death Penalty and be executed within 6 weeks after sentencing?

Who wonders how people can stand the smell of their own shit?

Who feels that Melania Trump is just a has been slut?

Who thinks TLC ought to be called True Love of Caucasians?

Who believes that animals should be treated like animals?

Who feels that explicit rap lyrics are the creation of ignoramuses?

Who doesn’t worship the ghost of John Lennon?

Who knows how to use ‘lay’ and ‘lie’ properly in a sentence?

Who believes Muslim men have a deep-seated inferiority  complex?

Who finds the fact Donald Trump is the new prez a horrifying prospect?

Who doesn’t fall down in homage of Oprah Winfrey?

Who wonders if cross eyed people view the world differently?

Who thinks most rich people are self-important assholes?

Who knows that vegetarians and vegans are crazy as hell?

Who finds misspelled Internet image macros (memes) hilarious?

Who believes the human race is the worst species on the planet?

Who feels that child molesters and rapists ought to be broom-sticked?

Who wonders why Black people are so frigging loud in public?


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