There is a myth going on around – it’s been out there for years as I recall seeing the Budweiser posters about it in the 70s/80s – that there were ‘Great Kings and Queens of Africa’, most of whom are Egyptian and not exactly Black (though a lot of Blacks tend to regard North Africans, especially Egyptians, as ‘one of them’ even though they are Arabic and actually considered members of the Caucasian race). There may be Black blood in some of those people but I doubt many of them claim it since Arabs are partly responsible for enslaving the Black populations in the first place.

Black Americans want to portray themselves as well as their ancestors as something they were not, which is one reason they have latched onto this ‘Great Kings and Queens of Africa’ myth. When you look at statues and other artistic depictions of such royalty as Cleopatra, Ramesses (Ramses), Tut, Nefertiti, and the like, they don’t look anything like the Negro race. They may have some features that could be Negroid-like, but then so do a lot of Asian Indians and I don’t hear or see Blacks trying to claim any of them as ancestors or brothers & sisters in the blood.

Blacks here in the New World descended from slaves, and those slaves were sold to the White man by other Blacks for the most part. These slaves came from West Africa: Ghana, Benin, Senegambia, Angola, Togo, Sierra Leone, Congo, Guinea, and Nigeria. I should know – I had my DNA tested via Ancestry and 57% of my DNA is rooted in Nigeria, Cameroon/Congo, and Ivory Coast/Ghana, with the rest coming from Great Britain & Ireland, and surprisingly enough, Scandinavia. There is no North African DNA in there, nor is there any Ethiopian or Asian for that matter, and there is still royalty in parts of Asia.

I even had a relative tell me that most Blacks would follow the ancient gods and goddesses of Egypt (not true at all, they are too much in love with Jesus for that) rather than the Celtic and Nordic ones of Europe, as far as being Wiccans or Pagans or whatever. How many Blacks do you know of personally who are not Christian? I would state that more than 90% of Blacks consider themselves to be Christians and they are definitely Jesus Freaks more so than any other race/ethnic group.

I really don’t understand the obsession Black people have with the ancient Egyptians. Is it just due to the fact that we learn about these long-dead people in history class or because they had such ‘great’ civilizations or what? Why not embrace your true ancestry and stop clinging to something that is only a fallacy? This is just like Blacks and the Black Inventions Myth; because Blacks as a race have never actually contributed to the betterment of society, they want to claim something that’s false to give themselves a sense of accomplishment that is not accurate. Pretty damn sad if you ask me.

What is wrong with us Black folks that we must pretend to be something that we certainly are not?


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