Dean Koontz is a prolific, highly talented author whose writing skill first snared me at the age of 14 with Darkfall, which my mother ordered for me through a book club (probably Doubleday). Back in those years, I wasn’t the connoisseur of horror that I became; more than anything, I was a confession magazine babe since I had been reading that junk since age ten or thereabouts, and I really enjoyed it. However, horror novels killed any desire I had for such drivel, as well as my taste for Danielle Steel.

I haven’t read all of his books – yet – nor do I own every one (I can’t get into that Brother Odd series and have no inclination toward such fare as the Frankenstein works, nor all that crazy dog stuff) but what I do have in my large collection, I could read every year…and I do mean that! One of the least favorite novels in the library of mine is The Mask, with some of my favorites being Shattered, The Servants of Twilight, Intensity, Mr. Murder, and Sole Survivor.

I am more enamored of Dean Koontz than I am of Stephen King to be honest. At least with Mr. Koontz, you won’t find all the racial slurs (damned few in fact) nor all the weird thoughts that many of Mr. King’s characters tend to have (he usually puts these in italics). Mr. Koontz doesn’t have the Step N’ Fetchit/Aunt Jemima type Black characters either – many of his Black, Asian, and Hispanic characters often are geniuses, excellent role models, intelligent, educated, and with great careers. They are not the stereotypical ‘Magical Negro’ of Stephen King novels and short stories other than that protagonist in Darkfall, and he is pretty much an anomaly.

Here are the Dean Koontz novels I have in my collection, with favorites in bold, least so underlined.

The City


77 Shadow Street

What The Night Knows



Your Heart Belongs to Me

The Darkest Evening of The Year

The Good Guy

The Husband


The Taking

The Face

By The Light of The Moon

One Door Away From Heaven

From The Corner of His Eye

Seize The Night

False Memory

Fear Nothing

Sole Survivor

Demon Seed (The 90s Version, which I read just a few short weeks ago)

The Eyes of Darkness

Tick Tock


Strange Highways


Winter Moon

Mr. Murder

Dragon Tears


Cold Fire


The Servants of Twilight

The Bad Place





The Door to December



The House of Thunder

The Mask


The Funhouse

The Voice of The Night

The Key to Midnight

The Vision

Face of Fear

Night Chills


Dark Rivers of The Heart

As you can see by the above list, I have most of Mr. Koontz’s well known works in my DK library already, but I know that at least 7 more will join the others over the coming months. I wish that Mr, Koontz was as Hollywood-oriented as Mr. King, because his books have more meat to them for the most part – and a lot of them tend to be about the dark side of human nature, which makes them far more believable than a bunch of little kids with ‘the shining’ being targeted by a vampire-like group.

I would love to see more Dean Koontz novels made into movies or even mini-series but certainly not the books he’s done recently that seem to be more about demons versus angels like Innocence. I guess when people get older they get more religious or something but I really prefer his older works – they were more of what a scientist would put out; the newer books have the feel of a theologian author.


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