Since becoming agnostic, I have wondered at the religiosity of Black people. It’s not just Blacks here in America as I’ve discovered during previous research that Blacks in many other nations are just as God-fearing, Jesus-loving, and Holy Ghost-believing. I see Black Americans as being ultra-religious, but I don’t see what all that religiousness is doing for the Black race as a whole or Black people as individuals, particularly with Blacks being on the very bottom of the racial totem pole world-wide.

Hispanic Americans are the second biggest religious group in the US. This information was gleaned from the latest published Gallup poll (2011) that I could find online. Asians were the least religious, which isn’t surprising considering that most of them worship at the altar of Mammon than anything.

According to the poll, only 13% of Blacks professed to being non-religious, compared with 22% of Hispanics, 34% of Whites, and 39% of Asians. When it comes to who is very religious, Blacks top the list at 53%, Hispanics at 45%, Whites coming in at 39%, and Asians at 29%. As for religious moderation, the numbers are as follows: Blacks 33%, Hispanics 33%, Whites 26%,  Asians 32%.

Black women tend to be more religious than Black men but that’s not a stunning revelation when you consider that Black men are arguably more violent, law-breaking, and criminal-minded than Black women, always getting into trouble or laid ‘six feet under’ at a young age. People that cause problems like that are not going to be your God-loving, Jesus-worshiping church goer.

A Landscape Survey of 2009 revealed that a whopping 79% of Black Americans state that religion plays a significant role in their lives, Even those that didn’t regularly go to church admitted that their lives were influenced to a large degree by religion. If this is so, why all the violence in the African American community? Remember the Charleston Church Shooting, where God-fearing Blacks were murdered in cold blood by a racist White (who probably will be found ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’)? Even being in a church having a prayer meeting isn’t enough to keep Black people safe!

If more than 3 in 4 Blacks pray on a regular basis, 88% believe definitely that God exists, and more than half attend church services at least once a week, why all the criminal activity and murder and rapes and robberies and other felonious pursuits? Why are Blacks yet at the bottom of the barrel? Why is Black Africa still so far behind, so backward? Why are Blacks on the low end of every stick except certain sports, hip hop (not something to be proud of, in my opinion) and other forms of entertainment (especially comedy)?

If something helps you, that’s fine, But if it’s not doing your any bit of good as a person or a group of people, then why believe in it so whole-heartedly? I have not followed organized religion since I was 20, and I have been an atheist as well as an agnostic since the age of 23. I feel pity for Black people so blindly following a Jewish Messiah, listening to ‘men of the cloth; who only want their money, running to church every time there’s a service thinking they can pray or even buy their way into that fictional Neverland called heaven. If you want to get somewhere, anywhere, in life – then you must depend on yourself and not a Sky God that may or may not even exist (I don’t believe it does).

What used to be church services for White Americans

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