Put Christ Back in Christmas, proclaimed the bumper sticker on the backside of an expensive SUV. I could only shake my head at such a misguided simpleton who probably believes everything pastors and other religious zealots shout at him/her. Jesus is The Reason For The Season, declared another. I had to fight back a giggle – these people are obviously part of that great unwashed lot known as the ‘sheeple’. a pathetic type of person I am proud to state that I am no longer a part of.

It’s a tragedy that millions of Christians every year celebrate 25 December as the birthday of Jesus Christ. So do many others, including even Jews and Muslims who have no doubt become infected by the disease known as consumer materialism. I may be agnostic but I do believe Jesus Christ was a real person, just not the ‘messiah’ so claimed by Christians the world over.

However, Jesus Christ was not born on December 25 as so mistakenly believed by the masses. Most theologian scholars agree that Jesus was probably born in the Spring, though others – including scientist David Reneke – claim it was Summer, whilst many say Christ was actually born in Autumn. I side with the theologians because they state that one of the main reasons for their belief that Jesus was born in the Spring is the Biblical account of shepherds watching over their flocks of sheep, an activity that would have taken place at that time, and not in the Winter.

A very pagan Christmas then? According to most sources, the Roman Catholic Church actually appropriated several pagan Winter observations including Natalis Solis Invicti and the festival of Saturnalia, a day devoted to the deity Saturn, worshiped by the ancient Romans along with a host of others. By taking a pagan day and establishing it for use as a Christian holiday, the Roman Catholic Church hoped to persuade the heathens of that time to convert to Christianity – and their strategy paid off as the RCC is one of the most powerful – and biggest – religious organization in the world.

One of the most beloved icons of Christmas is the Christmas tree. This is also a pagan symbol that originated with the mid-winter festivals of the ancient Germans. Even the custom of decorating the tree with ornaments was taken from the pagan Teutonic peoples. I daresay that this is how things are everywhere and not just in the Western world, where Christmas has degenerated into a secular, oddly commercialized day when fat Americans splurge on meals fit for a Medieval King and his Court, max out their credit cards buying gifts for bratty children and adults who probably don’t deserve them, as well as their spoiled pets, and get drunk on alcoholic punch and eggnog and hot mulled wine.

I go along with these ‘religious’ festivals due to family because I have young nieces and a nephew who are all under age 12 to buy gifts for, as well as my mother because she expects it. I am not for Christmas as a day of religious worship nor rampant and excessive materialism – I wish it would disappear off the calendar along with all the rest including Easter, the 4th of July, and Halloween.


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