I don’t know why it is this way but whenever members of the White race feel insulted by something a non-White posts or says via social media, they have the urge to call that person names, or belittle the entire racial or ethnic group s/he belongs to. One of the first slurs you’ll see is the much beloved N word (my god, how Caucasians adore throwing that word around), followed by references to apes.

What White people seem to conveniently forget is that they too, are related to apes and yes, there are apes with skin colors as light as those of the Caucasian and Asian races. Chimps, for example, have pale skin which anyone can see by the faces of these apes – the closest primate relatives we humans have (they, as well as the bonobo, share an astonishing 98.8% of their DNA with us, though gorillas come in at 98.4% according to geneticists).

Now that I have pointed out to you the truth that most apes have light skin, you can’t state emphatically that the reason non-Whites are closer to apes, or even look like them, is because of brown skin. Hell, many Whites are jealous of those skin tones or they wouldn’t spend so much time lying on beaches broiling their melanin-deficient flesh into wrinkled dryness – or lying beneath heat lamps turning orange as a fricking Oompa Loompa. Okay, so Blacks have wide noses and many Asians sport flat noses. So what? How many White people have you met with perfectly formed small noses? A great lot of you Whites have large snouts yourselves so muzzle size cannot be used as a basis for calling someone of another race an ‘ape’.  Let us move on to another reason.

How about that body hair? Well, excessive body hair is normally found on Caucasians – hence the reason for my having to shave my damn legs every week, it’s not annoying European ancestry of mine – so that’s yet another reason which can’t be used to qualify non-Whites, especially Blacks, as being ‘closer to apes’ than Whites. Our ape relatives don’t even have thick lips – their lips are thin, like the European race. Look at these photos! What you Caucasians cannot stand is that you also look like apes and that is the bottom line, case closed, get over it. You aren’t the best-looking race in the world and that’s that. Stop with the bullshit and be the so-called Christians so many of you claim you are.

What I want to know is this: where did this Black People Look Like Apes nonsense originate? It would not surprise me if one of those English racists of the 19th Century came up with this crap, but I suspect it goes back further than the 1800s. Darwin didn’t create it, that’s for damn sure and it wasn’t that abominable Freud nor any of those White supremacist philosophers such as Nietzsche. In my view there are far more Asians that have the appearance of simians, with flat faces and noses that resemble those of our closest animal kingdom relatives.

White people: do you ever look in the mirror and think, ‘Damn, I look like an ape!’ Hell no, I doubt that seriously. Do you put down your pale skins that must be covered with sunscreen otherwise you’re at risk for skin cancer, your pointed and often largely protruding noses, your freckles, your light eyes that must be shielded from the sun for fear of damage, your stringy straight hair that cannot be styled without slavering a lot of gel or whatnot on it – not to mention the animal stink of it when it’s wet, and your bologna smell when you don’t have a bath or shower?


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