refers to the feeling one gets after eating large amounts of food. often associated with the need to take a nap after eating.
“man, i think all that effin’ food gave me a bad case of niggeritis”
to feel sleepy after eating is referred to in and around the carribbean
as having “
niggeritis”, a direct allusion to the laziness of africans.


the dazed state of inactivity or sleep brought on by extensive over-eating, after the trinidadian snake that devours small animals whole and lies in the same place for several days after, digesting; the politically correct or polite version is “macajuel syndrome” of the more well-known but less socially acceptable “niggeritis
i cannot attend the meeting this afternoon after lunch because of 

Niggeritis to me is definitely the laziness of most Black people – though there are Whites suffering from a bad case of shiftlessness as well, particularly the women who often marry men who work themselves into early graves trying to take care of these indolent heifers and their spoiled brats – but Blacks tend to carry the disease more than any other race, especially with all that state aid available to live off, thanks to taxpayers via the mighty government.

I can be lazy at times myself but when it comes to a job, I work. I do my duties and usually find myself performing the duties of others, which is why I do freelance and virtual assistant work now (I got tired of being depended upon by those slothful Negros I worked with at Walmart – yes, Walmart).

Speaking of laziness after having our meal break, which came between 1 and 3, depending on which break you were allowed to take, first break or second (at the manager’s whim), these work-shy cretins would often fall asleep in the break room, head in arms upon the table, snoring and possibly even drooling away, sometimes not getting up until well after an hour or two had passed.

Then there were those that took an extra five to ten minutes with a break that was already an hour long. We worked 3rd shift, there wasn’t a great deal of activity as far as customers during 3rd…it was the stockers who had to work like crazy, getting that product off the pallet and onto the shelves by 7 am, whether you were a little skinny girl or a big strapping guy.

Every job I have ever been employed to do always had that one Black or two, more if it was a big company like Wally World, that just didn’t care to work but wanted a free paycheck. I have heard that Hispanics, Mexicans to be more precise, will do the same thing – act like they are working hard in front of the boss, but when said boss is gone, they stand around talking (probably about alcoholic beverages as those Latinos can certainly put away some damn beer),  I have noticed that Africans are even lazier than Black Americans and this is surely the reason that continent is still so backward.

Most people get sleepy after a large meal. But being that way all the time? Definitely a Black disease.


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