The definition of sushi and sashimi:

Sushi and sashimi are both Japanese fish dishes. Sushi means slices of raw fish, mixed with, laid over or wrapped in or around special sushi rice (rice with vinegar). Sashimi is simply the raw fish, often sliced very thinly.

I must state positively that Asian cuisine is highly overrated here in America, along with Mexican, and sushi is probably the most overvalued of all foreign foods. It is one of those things you will find on internet lists of shit White People Like/Love, together with dogs, cinnamon, and Asian culture in general. Damn, how many times will Andrew Zimmern take his Bizarre Foods show to Asian lands?!

I was once offered a free sample of sushi at a Harris Teeter supermarket when I lived in Charlotte, NC. My little sister and mom were also offered samples, by a smiling Japanese sushi chef (at least he was Asian, I have been in Hibachi restaurants here that offered sushi and they had Latinos, no doubt illegal aliens from Mexico, creating the entrees). My mom refused to even try hers but my sister and I did. Neither of us cared for it, even though the fish on one roll was tuna, and the other two salmon. It was just…well, the only word I can use to describe that taste is ‘nasty’.

White people love it. Because sushi and sashimi are practically fat free, they feel that when they dine on that crap, they are doing their overweight bodies some good, particularly after a week of fast food lunches. There are some Blacks who claim to like it but they are probably just trying to be something they are not, unless they truly are such Oreos that they will actually dine on that terrible tasting trash.

That whole Asian thing is just not me. I am happy as long as I have my Italian food, which is one of the world’s best…just after French of course. I like my Greek, my Carribbean jerk, and my Indian curry. I also am satisfied with my falafel ‘burgers’ and of course, my Southern comfort foods. You can keep most of that Asian stuff, and a lot of that Mexican slop as well. I’m glad I don’t suffer from yellow fever, a disease which seems to affect 95% of the Caucasian populace worldwide. 

Genuine Asian food is nothing like that stuff they sell to Americans as ‘Chinese’ or ‘Japanese’ or ‘Thai’ or whatever. It is really quite weird-looking and from the description that strange food consumer Zimmern often gives, sounds like a culinary misadventure in Hell. As I have zero desire to ever take a trip to any Asian country save perhaps Japan, I have absolutely no interest in learning anything about Asian cuisine beyond the bullshit that is served up in Asian restaurants throughout America.


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