One thing I cannot tolerate in a person is nosiness. I hate it when someone sticks her/his nose in my business and it isn’t long before I find myself telling that person off, whether it hurts her/his feelings or what. This is particularly true of a person who can’t seem to get her or his own act together; I guess butting in other people’s personal issues is their way of compensating for their own failures in life.

There was this one person always in my biz. I don’t know why I allowed it but I guess I didn’t want to hurt this individual’s feelings by telling her off. However, in hindsight, I should have put my foot down years ago and things would never have come to a head as they did. I believe jealousy had a lot to do with her animosity towards my relationship with my fiance. She’s one of those women who can’t seem to keep a man – though she claims to have dated ‘wealthy’ men in the past – and since we’d known each other (2008), she has had at least four boyfriends and none of them lasted more than 9 months, if that. One didn’t even make it past six weeks.

It got to the point where I simply stopped mentioning him to her because I got sick of her comments. yet whenever I made a comment to her about something, no matter how innocent, she always had some type of smart ass remark. This woman has no female friends and I can understand why – I also know why she can’t get a real job despite having a B.S. (Bull Shit, I call it) degree, nor any great acting gig. To be perfectly honest, her acting skills are second rate and she’s still trying to make it as a serious, highly paid actress even though she’s 50. What woman her age will land a leading or even supporting role in a blockbuster film, especially one who is Black? Grow up, sweetie, it ain’t gonna happen for you any time soon and probably not ever.

There is a local production company that is producing one of my screenplays – Gypsy Gorge though they may re-title it at their whim – and a writing partner with a manager who is pushing our recently completed script about Hitler, his secret lover, and the child they had together. I believe a lot of professional jealousy was there as well, though the envy was more present whenever I wrote about my fiance. Just imagine what would have happened had I landed a great acting role! Hell, I may just wind up becoming an actress to spite her ass, even though I have no ambitions before the camera, only behind it and preferably not even there (I’d rather stick with writing screenplays). But success is the best revenge so…

At any rate, I finally told Ms. My Poop Don’t Stink-I’m Smarter Than You Cuz I Have a Degree off and blocked her telephone number, her email, and her Facebook…this means do not ever contact me again (which I actually advised her not to do) because if you do, your feelings will truly be hurt and I mean, her entire body will be aching for days, weeks, perhaps even months to come once I would get through with her. Go find a man, get some dick in that pussy of yours before it gets any more dried up than it is already (that is possibly what’s wrong, she’s not had sex in a while and it’s getting to her). I guarantee you will feel so much better once you’ve been royally fucked to high heaven and back.

Otherwise, mind your own shit and stay the hell out of mine!


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