Recently, I saw a promo for the series Paranormal Lockdown, featuring Nick Groff (formerly of Ghost Adventures) and Katrina Weidman, one of the chicks that used to cavort with that con man extraordinaire Ryan Buell on Paranormal State. What struck me about this promo is that it referred to Katrina as the ‘former star’ of Paranormal State. This is telling as the producers behind Paranormal Lockdown are admitting outright that Ms. Weidman is no ‘paranormal expert’ as they usually claim to be, but a mere ‘unscripted actress’. I always knew those paranormal shows were bullshit but this really caps the unscripted reality cake!

On to more interesting tidbits…

Why the hell are all these celebrities dying so young? Certainly, they are no better than anyone else and one of them was a bona fide suicide and not all that young, but still – heart failure at 53 and a massive heart attack at 60?  Drug overdoses are common with the celeb bunch, whilst death by violence isn’t really atypical as celebs used to perish in plane crashes, car wrecks, and by their own hand on a relatively regular schedule – once a year at least. Remember that rapper Nate Dogg? He was just 41 when he left this mortal coil. Mia Zapata was brutally raped and murdered at only 27. I guess when celebrities die, it is truly shocking not just because of who they are, but because it presses home that we only have a short time to be here ourselves.

Probably the most shitty thing to happen this year was the election of that Hitler-worshiping, power-starved reality star Donald Trump as the new president. I guess you White supremacists, racists, and brainwashed fools out there just had to put the reigns in another White man’s hands because the very idea of a woman in power, even a White one, after 8 years of a Black man, was simply too much for your dense minds to even contemplate. We shall see how many memes poke fun of Modern Nazi Messiah Trump and his precious 100% European blood family the way they did the ‘gorilla’ Obamas.

It was astonishing to see how much vitriol, opposition, and outright hatred these people have had to suffer just because they fairly won the election – TWICE – and lived in the White House all those years. I have not had much liking for White Americans since the backlash against the Obamas all over the media even though I live with a redneck guy who’s an outright supporter of Trump (though he didn’t make it to the polls). I’m sure they will be glad to leave the White House and spotlight and have a quiet, though wealthy, life – and that simply irks the hell out of you Whites out there, doesn’t it? You can’t stand it when a non-White, especially one of us ape-ish Black niggers, has more of anything than you.

I’m glad 2016 is almost over. It has not been a good year for me at all, mainly due to circumstances that were beyond my control – though I tried my damnedest to take charge of my fucked up life. I voted for someone I felt would be a better fit for this country – no, not Hillary Clinton – and I played the lottery (though not as much as I did in 2015). I attended church with my fiance, though it did not make me a believer any more than watching the Russell Crowe movie Noah did, and I tried to put aside my non-dog person ways and accept my fiance’s spoiled mutt (and now his equally spoiled puppy). I may not be a holy person, but I am not one of the sheeple and for that I am very grateful. Let 2017 be the best, most successful year of my miserable life…that’s all I ask. However, with Trump in power, who knows how things shall turn out? His win sure hasn’t scared the illegals any.


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