Every year, I create a list of promises to myself that I fully intend to keep, yet wind up failing to do so quite miserably – particularly where my social life is concerned. The only resolution I kept that I made for 2016 was to not drink as many sodas. However, I vowed to be nicer to my fiance and that is one pledge that was broken within a couple of days.

This year is different. While I will continue to be the Queen of Mean via social media with the exception of Facebook (Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter), I will be a more pleasant person with my fiance and family. I will try to be at least. I am only human after all and have the shortcomings of one. I simply must work harder at maintaining my often difficult to control emotions, and not allow my anger to get the best of me no matter what.

Here are my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions that I will make every effort to keep the next 12 months:

  1. Be nicer to my fiance
  2. Drink only 1 (diet) soda per month
  3. Cut down on sugar consumption
  4. Eat sweets just one day a week
  5. Work out at least 45 minutes 6 days a week
  6. Take better care of my natural hair
  7. Try to limit my foul language
  8. Pray to the Creatrix rather than road rage
  9. Live in peace with my fiance’s dogs
  10. Stop making nasty remarks about my fiance’s family
  11. Play the lottery as often as I can afford to
  12. Stop watching so much television

  13. Finish 2 screenplays that I started years ago
  14. Obtain full-time employment
  15. Find some friends to share activities with
  16. Complete my artwork
  17. Open an online gallery for myself and others
  18. Network more within the film industry
  19. Get rid of unnecessary junk
  20. Stay off the Internet so much
Yeah, I know that some of my resolutions are self-serving or can be detrimental to one’s savings if not one’s health, but you never know about the lottery – you can’t win if you never play!


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