It is my opinion that Black women are not viewed as threatening by the White Establishment as much as Black men and rightly so. It’s a sad fact that Black men commit a heck of a lot of crime, and this cannot always be blamed on racism despite the best efforts of Al Sharpton and Jess Jackson.

While there are women that are criminally minded as males, the truth is that far more males than females commit crime. It’s as much a part of a man’s DNA as his propensity to screw as many women (or men) as he possibly can.

Black men are viewed as more menacing than Whites, probably more so than Hispanics. Asian men, mainly due to their smaller builds, aren’t as intimidating as others – in my view at least. Experiences have proven to me, in my area, that most Black men are seen as intimidating, followed closely by young Hispanics and then White men.

When I used to go walking with my brother – who has a somewhat Hispanic appearance – and a cousin, who is far darker than us both – other walkers had an air of alarm about them, as compared to when my brother and I walked, or when I walked alone. By myself, I often received greetings, smiles, nods or waves…with my brother, we would often get a ‘good morning’ or even a comment about the weather. Yet when my cousin was with us, we typically got ignored and I know it was due to him, his appearance…the other walkers (usually White) apparently were threatened by this tall, dark-skinned guy whose build is anything but slight – though he’s not fat either. He noticed it himself and actually remarked upon it a few times. Whether it bother him or not he never admitted, but I kind of think it did or he wouldn’t have said anything.

Black women just aren’t menacing, except the mannish bulldykes but then White studs are scary too. When I walk alone, I tend to get apprehensive at the sight of a Black male strolling my way. The fear factor goes up if there are more than one. I will cross the street and head quickly towards a group of other people if I see more than one Black male. When I rode public transportation, I kept my bag in my lap with hands gripping the strap firmly whenever a Black male got on the bus or sat next to me. I noticed other women, of all races, do the same thing though often they would react this way when a White male with a certain look got on as well.

The Image of a Scary White Guy

It’s tragic that an entire group is ostracized due to the actions of some. Black men usually have more bulk to them, and the way many of them walk – with a pimp like swagger – makes them come across as being ‘gangster’ even when they aren’t. Hip hop has really brought Black American culture low – it is as low as it’s ever going to get, I hope – and believe me when I say that it’s the worst thing to happen to Black people in this country since Jim Crow and the Black Codes. Google hip hop album covers for prime examples of thuggery, glorification of gang life, and ‘hood appearances. Listen to the lyrics for disgusting examples of drug dealing, womanizing, drinking, and other debauched behavior. They brag about that degenerate lifestyle as if it’s a good thing!

No wonder most non-Blacks view Blacks, particularly the men, as a ‘menace to society’. Hell, even White trash aren’t seen as intimidating as Black people. Except outlaw bikers.

If only Black people would work within their communities to remove the stigmas that hip hop has brought to those areas, and drum it into the minds of their children to succeed in school, not as a damn rapper or slutty hip hop dancer. Get educated! Read a book! Emulate the nation’s scientists,  doctors, teachers, lawyers even. Be something other than an ignoramus who will be bankrupt in 5 years – if s/he ever makes any money at all – or in prison or six feet under. Get a life and be someone others can look up to…yes, a credit to your race. That is what I want to be and what I am becoming.


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