But the purpose of this blog isn’t just to offend, it is to inform as well – though I do post what many would consider very offensive opinions at times. Hey, don’t we all have a right to Freedom of Speech or has the government taken that away by now?


For example, if you write, say, or sing anything that damns the Jewish people, the ACLU – not to mention the SPLC and of course the ADL (whose motto is: to stop the defamation of the Jewish people…to secure justice and fair treatment to all) – will stop you in your tracks. You cannot do or say or pen anything that tells the facts about the Jewish agenda because you will be branded an ‘anti Semite’ by these organizations and put in the same boat with Hitler and the rest of them, even though you may have no real hate in your heart towards Semitic peoples. Why is it that certitudes can be said about everyone else other than the ‘Chosen People’? What the hell makes the Jews so damn special that we can’t say, print, or do one thing about them that speaks the truth, while they are able to do so about us Goyim with impunity? If you can’t take a lick, then don’t pass one!
You cannot criticize President-Elect Donald Trump either. You’d better not, or the Trumpeters (as they like to call themselves, I call them Trumpanzees) will come down on you like a ton of bricks. They can of course write or say anything they like about Liberals, Democrats, Leftists, and whoever but when you post anything about the Conservatives, Republicans, Far Right and whoever via social media, they whine like a baby taken away from mama’s teat and that’s the Goddess’s honest truth. I’m waiting for the insults to get slung at the Trumps when they finally get their asses in the White House. I want to see how many of you racists out there will complain and bitch about the Great White Hope the way you endlessly did – and are still doing – about the Obamas.
Then there’s Black Lives Matter. Ask them why Black lives only matter when it’s a Black male shot by a White cop, and not when the lives of Black women are taken by Black male serial killers or their significant others, and they get in your face, all thugged out and crazy acting, bleating about these poor Black men having their lives snuffed out by these racist cops – many of whom aren’t even White but are actually minorities themselves. If you are told by police officers to take your hands out of your pockets and get them up in the air, why don’t you listen to them? They are holding guns on you, have those big bad billy clubs and extra strength Mace, yet you remove something from your pocket or refuse to drop something from your hand that they can mistakenly view as a weapon? I don’t know if such actions are suicidal or just plain stupid. Besides, cops kill just as many non-Blacks as they do Blacks, so it is pretty much a war against the civilians by the Gestapo Police State of America.
Finally, the LGBT (sometimes a Q is added) community. I have gotten beyond tired of hearing about the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and queers…their form of sexuality to me is sickening and I am sick of it being forced down my throat everywhere I turn. Those who call themselves Christians and wholly embrace those perverted lifestyles are hypocrites and no, I don’t support the vileness that saturates the LGBT people even as a Pagan simply because it is not normal to me. I feel that children should not be taught about ‘alternative lifestyles’ as it teaches them that this sort of abnormality is ok when it’s clearly not. There is a reason homosexuality and lesbianism was seen as a crime and a mental disorder years ago, and it should be viewed as such today. Sodomy is nasty and well…I may not side with the Fundamentalists on ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ as I don’t believe those places existed; however, I do believe that heterosexual love is the only normal way and that’s just how it is. 

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