I am not political. The only reason I once belonged to the Democratic Party is because I was recruited on a bus stop one morning to work for the Elections and you either had to be one or the other, and at the time I was definitely far more liberal than I was conservative. I also wanted the experience, so I was the Democrat’s Chief Judge during the Primaries as well as the General Election in 2004, during the Bush-Cheney versus Kerry-Edwards campaigns.

After Bush finally got his idiotic Republican ass out of the White House, I requested that my party allegiance be changed from Democrat to Unaffiliated. Why? My views had become more ‘middle of the road’ than far left or extreme right (which I will never, ever be), and I wanted my voting info to reflect my new outlook.

I am not so brainwashed by one party or the other that I get all up in arms over debates, right versus left this, liberals against conservatives that, political pundits, or any of that government bullshit and I don’t understand people that do. You can vote for whomever you want but that doesn’t mean s/he will carry out the promises that s/he made during the campaign. Hell, Trump’s already reneging on those that he made which goes to show you that underneath all the Reality TV shine, he’s a politician at heart – just another bald-faced (and bald-headed) liar.

Lately, I have been seeing the words Demotard and Retardican all over the ‘Net. This rarely happened before the 2016 Election year, but since Trump won (whether with the help of the Russians – which would not surprise me since they are known for their racism – or not, who can tell) it has been wild. It is particularly a favorite pastime of the Conservatards to poke fun at Libtards. Immaturity rules, folks.

Libtards and Conservatards – the most extreme sort of Demotard and Retardican – are those strange, pathetic types who voice (whine) their opinion(s) daily via social media about Donald Trump (not my president) and Obama (that Muslim Socialist).

Wiktionary definitions (I couldn’t find one for Demotard):


libtard ‎(plural libtards)

  1. (US, slang, derogatory) A stupid liberal or progressive. 
  • leftard (derogatory)
  • moonbat (derogatory)


Retardican ‎(plural Retardicans)

  1. (derogatory, offensive) Republican


conservatard ‎(plural conservatards)

  1. (US, slang, derogatory) A stupid conservative. 


  • cuntservative (vulgar, derogatory), rightard (derogatory), wingnut (derogatory)


  • neotard (derogatory)
I think the terms are very childish. Grown ass people calling each other petty names like bratty children goes to prove that America has sunk to record lows. It will only get worse with Trump as president, as I already see the signs in the posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter. Sure, I use slurs and cuss words and can sling names with the best of them, but some of these people – Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Al Franken, and all the rest – should know better than to act like kids (and not very intelligent kids at that). I never listen to them or read what they’ve written because I am so not interested but my brother, who has become totally brainwashed by the Alt Right, always does. As far as I am concerned, all of those political pundits and their zealous fans can go burn in Hades.

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