There are people that are born to be dumb. They can’t help it really, they are simply not meant to be smart or educated or curious enough about life that they would embark upon a quest for learning. As a Constant Reader – as Stephen King calls us – I am baffled by anyone who would rather watch TV (an invention that never should have been, in my opinion), their eyes glazed over and their brain cells made numb by countless hours of mindless activity, than read a book. I own hundreds of books and yes, I have favorites that have been read more times than I can recall but that doesn’t lessen the deep pleasure that I receive from reading them again and again.

My boyfriend’s family have no books – other than cookbooks – in their home. They get the newspaper for the the sales flyers and coupons only, a waste of money as far as I’m concerned because these days you can use your phone to scan coupons at the supermarket and elsewhere. They don’t have the DVD player hooked up to the satellite because they don’t know how – probably because they can’t read the damn information that comes with the satellite system or DVD player in order to do so. They are stubbornly anti-intellectual and apparently proud of it.

My mom’s house is totally different. There is a bookcase with books in it that have actually been read and they have the DVD player hooked up to watch movies whenever they are bored with the usually repeated offerings on cable. My mother even watches the news in order to keep up with events in the world – compare this with my boyfriend’s mom, whose TV is often tuned to the likes of Chrisley Knows Best or Law & Order or NCIS or Duck Dynasty. I mean, what the fuck?!? Duck Dynasty? Are you effin’ kidding me?!?

Whenever I compare conversations that I have had with my own mom versus my boyfriend’s mother, I wonder why the hell I am even with the guy. I know, I am an intellectual snob but I can’t help it. I am just so damned impatient with stupid people. While my boyfriend knows a great deal about home remodeling and construction, he knows little to nothing of history, geography, world issues, and as for reading, forget it. So long as he can watch The Walking Dead or get on Facebook and swap messages with his redneck buddies, he’s happy. Though he does have a dream of visiting Germany, which he claims is the ancestral home of his father’s side of the family.

Trumpanzees are largely made up of anti intellectuals. Sad but true and I’m not stating so here simply because Trump was elected – unfortunately, I knew that would happen because when you are very rich you almost always get your way – it is a verity that dumb people are more likely to be swayed by such rhetoric as what Trump’s campaign was made of, the very slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ is definitely one for the uber-patriot, the type of person to swallow something hook, line & sinker no matter how racist, sexist, or crazy it sounds.

America is one of the dumbest Western nations and that’s terrifying to me. (Don’t believe me? Google it for yourself.) I see the idiocy every time I turn on the TV, which is why I prefer to open a book of any kind instead. Take my advice: read. If you can’t read or don’t have time, listen to an audio book.


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