Do biracial people think they are better? One thing I do know, they claim to have ‘the best of both worlds’ – meaning what, exactly? What is there that’s so great about being a minority in America that you would want to be part Black, or half Native American, or whatever? At least if you are what they call HAPA, you will be accepted by Whites and even more so than a full-blooded Asian, particularly one from Southeast Asia since they tend to be darker.

I tend to call biracial people – especially those with a racially vague or more Caucasian appearance – Honorary Whites, because they are more likely to be welcomed by Whites. I have actually heard with my own ears from the thin lips of redneck Whites that lighter skinned Blacks are tolerated more – one day at school, when a fellow student made a remark about a Black girl being sexy in her mini-dress, his friend begged to differ and then added, ‘If she looked like Carmen’, meaning that if she was light-skinned as I am, she would be attractive to him. I have heard such comments dozens of times in my life, not just with me but with female celebrities of lighter hue as well.

So is it the darker skin and not the nappy hair that makes the Black race less appealing to other races?

How about the Brown Paper Bag Test?

The Brown Paper Bag Test was a type of racial discrimination in the United States. A brown paper bag was used as a way to determine whether or not an individual could have certain privileges; only individuals with a skin color that is the same color or lighter than a brown paper bag were allowed. Wikipedia

Historically, in the United States if you had one drop of Negro (as Blacks were then called) blood, you were Black even if you had blonde hair, blue eyes, and skin of the most ivory shade. However, there are many of Caucasian ilk who feel that if you have some White blood in you, that makes you smarter, better-looking, and probably less prone to criminality than those who claim to be fully Black for example. (I won’t use fully Hispanic because that is an ethnic designation and not a race.) A study conducted by sociology doctoral candidate Robert L. Reece of Duke University discovered that even if Blacks only claimed to be mixed, their perceived attractiveness was higher than those declaring to be merely Black.

President Obama, for instance, is a biracial person whose successes have been credited to his being half White. The same has been said of others who have held positions of power in Washington, from Thurgood Marshall to Colin Powell; when Blacks succeed in the entertainment industry, they usually have paler complexions and more European features than those that fall to the wayside, such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and John Legend. Sure, there are some darker Blacks that become popular but they rarely do with non-Blacks, or they have an extremely negative image with those outside of their own racial group, like how it is with Kanye West, despite his having snared a HAPA wife.

Biracial people who have a White parent are embraced even more because they are viewed as 50% Caucasian, even if White supremacists and KKK members reject them. Many biracial males will shave their heads as if to hide the fact of their kinky hair, and there have been those that had their wide noses narrowed via surgery to more fully pass as White. Carol Channing is a celebrity who hid the fact of her Negro blood back in the day because if she hadn’t, she would have been discriminated against and held back from her success in the entertainment industry. Her father was half Black (his mother was a Negro), which makes Carol a ‘quadroon’ to use an old term, and she kept this secret for decades before finally revealing the truth in her 2002 memoir, Just Lucky I guess.

I daresay that many biracial people here in the US have done the very same thing. A lot of them will marry White, something I have noticed that is far more common with mixed race males than females. If you are of mixed race in this country or can pass for it, then do so if you feel you must. That does not make you any less Black, or Asian, or whatever it is you are mixed with. You are still going to be mixed even if you can pass like Jennifer Beals, because when you stand next to a completely White individual, there will be something about your features that mark you as different no matter how much eyelid surgery or rhinoplasty you have had, how much skin bleaching or hair straightening you do.


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