According to the Urban Dictionary,

A Trumpanzee is a mindless follower and believer of Donald Trump. Observe these primitive creatures from a safe distance, as they are known to attack. Trumpanzees are un-evolved members of society known for nonsensical, sexist, racist, and inflammatory remarks. Their low intelligence makes them impervious to facts, and they seem to have an affinity to HUGE walls.
Trumpeter David Duke
I would probably agree with the example above (which is the top definition submitted) because I have observed the same mindless, racist, and sexist bullshit spewing forth via social media ever since Trump announced that he was running for president. My brother, an ardent Trumpet, smashed the taillight of his new car accidentally (by backing into a telephone pole) when he learned that I hadn’t voted for his beloved Donald. If this isn’t a case of Trumpanzeeism, I don’t know what is!
America – aside from the Trumpeters that is – now is in a state of being Trumpatized. That is defined as:
Being traumatized by the sheer stupidity of Donald Trump, and the people voting for him.
“What has happened to America? Why are these people supporting this idiot Trump guy?” said Becky.
“I’d be so trumpatized if he actually manages to become president.” Cindy replied.
“I’m moving to Canada.” Becky responded.
My boyfriend is another Trumpanzee who will believe any little social media lie that is posted about Hillary, Obama or any other member of the Democratic party, but when it comes to the truth about his precious Trump, he immediately protests that it’s not true. Of course, the guy only holds a GED and works a blue collar job, what should I expect from an anti-intellectual who can barely read and spell?
I’ve come to believe that a large number of Trumpeters are barely literate – my boyfriend has a buddy whose 90+ year old grandmother registered to vote for the first time in her life, and voted for Trump! I’m pretty sure the old dame barely graduated high school if she even made it past the seventh grade. The majority  of my boyfriend’s friends are typical Southern rednecks who frequently post very pro Trump memes (especially now that the moneybags has bought his way into the White House); I have told him that I would not care to meet any of those Trumpanzee-ass racists because I would probably cut them down with my sarcastic wittiness, for I keep my tongue honed sharp as a razor with daily verbal work outs.
It has been proven that the greater number of Trumpanzees are indeed racist, definitely sexist, and most likely not very well educated. If anyone holding a BA or higher degree voted for that Oompa Loompa-hued, power-hungry piece of shit, something is seriously missing inside their skulls. Not that Hillary Clinton was a better candidate; she was just as bad, in my opinion. I didn’t vote for either fool but that doesn’t matter now. What does is the gloating of the Trumpeters on social media, thinking that Mr. Toupee is actually going to build that wall, raise their pathetic minimum wage so they can afford to move out of the trailer parks they reside in, banish Obamacare which the Trumpanzees hate simply because Obama came up with it (if Bush had, or Trump, they wouldn’t despise it so much), and force American companies to stop hiring wetbacks – who will soon be deported – and employ legal US citizens instead.
I’m sorry to bust your collective bubble, Trumpeters, but I doubt that any of those changes will occur.


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