About keeping up with the slutty Kardashians? I mean, really…who the hell cares? A person would have to have absolutely no social life whatsoever to even watch 5 minutes of that boring reality show. As for Christina and Tarek getting divorced…so fucking what? What the hell was she doing married to a guy with an Arab name anyhow? He ought to be tired of looking at that bleached blonde bimbo.

Does anyone truly care that Miley Cyrus is a homegrown whore? I certainly don’t and neither should anyone else, at least not those of us with any sense at all. I get sick and tired of Tweets about that tramp Miley giving head on stage – reminds me of the bullshit about that ghetto skank Lil’ Kim back in the day before her beloved obese gorilla got his fat ass capped by a cop – or whoever. Though the rumors of her passing out upon belting down several ounces of cum continued even after Biggie’s murder.

Remember the tales of Lindsay Lohan? I got so frustrated with all the hype about her drug abuse, as if no other female celebrity had ever been a user before – now you barely hear a peep about the bitch. Good riddance, I say! Then there was Britney Spears, a no-talent twat if ever I heard of one. The fact she came out with her bipolar business speaks volumes about what sort of white trash she really is.

How about Brangelina? LOL, what a riot! Brad Pitt looks like shit, and Angeline Jolie’s an anorexic with puffy lips and no tits. Who wants to hear about them and their ‘rainbow family’? I think people shouldn’t adopt children of other races because it confuses them, which is one reason I don’t agree with all the Caucasians adopting Chinese and Korean and African babies – get your own White kids, hell there are plenty of Russian orphans out there needing homes. Leave the minority kids to their own kind, maybe then chink women won’t run after honkie men so damn much.

I hate the way people fawn over athletes. If these dumb jocks couldn’t kick or hit a ball, they would be ciphers to the world. There’s no need to glorify a noodle-brain who isn’t doing a damn thing to aid humanity – all they care about are themselves, their sports, and their trophy wives (who are as dumb as the jocks they marry in a way, only a tad bit smarter because they managed to snag a rich guy who is also stupid so they can bankrupt the bastard in a few years without his suspecting a thing).

Damn, how I fuckin’ hate people…!!!


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