Under Soviet rule, racist incidents in Russia – or the Soviet Union as it was then called, along with the bloc of countries that made up the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – were rare. Because of the internationalist attitude of Communism, race was not really an issue in the USSR as it was in the US. Welcome to the Twenty First Century! There are probably close to 100.000 skinheads roaming the streets of Russia these days, though why they would want to become Nazis boggles the mind, as Hitler and the German Nazis definitely did not consider the Russians to be the same as Aryans – they were referred to as ‘sub-human’ and routinely killed off just the same as the hated Jews and Gypsies.

Since the fall of Communism, racism has become ‘out of control’ in Russia. Racist slurs & attacks, hate crimes, skinhead groups, and anti-Semitism has been on the rise since Soviet rule ceased to exist in these countries. Russians regularly call the people of the Caucasus ‘Black’ and ‘Black asses’ and even ‘niggers’ – this is not because the Caucasian people are actually Negro, it is due to the non-Nordic coloring of many (dark eyes, dark hair, and olive complexions). I thought the Caucasus is where Caucasians originated and here you have people calling them ‘niggers’!


Chechens are often referred to as ‘Black’ and every little racial slur you can think of that fits Blacks here in America as well. When you Google Chechen and click images, you will see photo after photo of a people that can only be classified as White. In fact, Chechens are Caucasian people – so why do the Russians of Moscow and other cities call them ‘Black’ even when many have red hair, blue eyes, and fair skin?

If the Russians are truly behind the election of Donald Trump, I would not be surprised for their hatred of President Obama has been as intense as that of any redneck American. Obama has been depicted as a monkey – same as here in the US – holding or eating a banana (usually by Tatars) in countless posters and toys that have been marketed in Russia since 2015, despite the election of Benin-born Russian politician and real estate mogul Jean Sagbo, the first Black male to be elected to Russian office. Africans are called ‘monkey’ on a regular basis, and attacks on the Moscow Metro are so common that they are no longer reported.

Tang Quoc Binh’s family

The vitriol against Vietnamese immigrants has been even worse. There  have been dozens of attacks against Southeast Asians, a lot of them fatal such as Tang Quoc Binh’s stabbing, the beating of Vu Anh Tuan by a gang of skinheads – who were acquitted in court – and the knifing of a 35 year old Vietnamese woman. A rising number of attacks against Jews has also been reported, including when a man burst into a synagogue in Moscow and stabbed eight people – he drew a 13 year prison term for the crime. One of the worst hate crimes occurred in February 2004 when 9 year old Khursheda Sultanova, a Tajik girl, was murdered by Neo-Nazi skinheads in St. Petersburg.

Little Khursheda

Insults – and bananas – are thrown at Black football (soccer) players so much that it makes one wonder why these athletes would bother going to Russia to play. I suspect that European Blacks think that racism doesn’t exist in Europe but as far as I am concerned, it is much more prominent than in America, though sometimes on a subtle scale. Personally, I would not care to travel to Russia nor to most former Eastern Bloc countries – I have only been to the Czech Republic and I didn’t experience any overt racism there – but overall, I felt more ‘at home’ in countries where there are a larger, more noticeable minority presence, such as the Netherlands, France, and even Germany.

With the rise in racist incidents worldwide, I don’t see racism in Russia being treated as a problem any time soon by the White majority.


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