Will the real White Man stand up?

A Wyatt Mann is the pseudonym of Nick Bougas, an underground filmmaker and death-enthusiast who was besties with the likes of Anton LaVey, totally dug Charles Manson (probably still does), and according to many sources, has a devoted gal pal with the unlikely name of Sandra Weinberg – could it truly be that a guy who once devoted himself to extremely anti Semitic and ultra racist cartoons lives in Georgia (one of the Southern bastions of White Crackerdom) with a Jewish woman? Does this mean that A Wyatt Mann has changed his nigger-hating, kike-detesting, gay-loathing, feminist- bashing, Asian-despising, and Latino-abhorring ways?

Trolls pretty much ruined the reputation of political cartoonist Ben Garrison, who for some reason became the victim of an online smear campaign the likes of which I have never read nor heard of until this morning. Many of Garrison’s cartoons have been edited (without removing his signature nor the copyright year) into racist images, and this has hurt the artist professionally as well as financially. In the laws of the Internet, there’s little he can do about it other than fight to clear his name in his own way because he can’t actually sue the bastards – most of whom post the images under ‘anonymous’ – that are trolling his artwork. (Let this be a warning to us all!)

Bougas created a series of mondo films called Death Scenes – I saw one many years ago, considered it a piece of shit, we rented it from Action Video as a matter of fact – and directed a piece of drivel about (get this) a disabled, tap dancing hermaphrodite named Johnnie Baima called ‘The Goddess Bunny’. All along, Bougas was producing his anti Semitic and racist cartoons under A Wyatt Mann. From his appearance – in many photos he’s got dyed blond hair, and I’ve never thought much of people who bleach their hair, it’s trashy as hell – he looks like the type of guy Adolf Hitler would have thrown in the ‘sub human’ racial category and Bougas sounds like a Greek surname; Greeks have not even been considered the same as the British, Germans, Scandinavians, and Swiss. They actually have been thought of as ‘undesirable’ where race is concerned, not truly ‘White’, same as Italians and the Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanians.

At any rate, these cartoons are offensive but I have included some with today’s post so that you can get a better understanding of the repellent nature of the art, if one can term this diarrhea such.


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