Several articles published online by Psychology Today concern the differences between people that prefer cats, and those that prefer dogs. According to one of these articles, many dog people rate high in SDO (Social Dominance Orientation) and RWA (Right Wing Authoritarianism). What does this mean exactly? That dog people are predisposed to be sexist, racist & homophobic doesn’t surprise me one bit considering that both Mussolini and Hitler were dog-obsessed ailurophobes. Well, ol’ Addy was at any rate. Not sure if Mussy man was as crazy about dogs – he didn’t seem to be that much of an animal lover of any kind and made a snide comment about the canine-crazed English, who kept hospitals for their four-legged furballs and even treated them better than they did their children.

Mans best friend?

Are dog people socially dominant with authoritarian leanings? I live with one and I must admit that he is definitely so – but I would never call him ‘conscientious’ or ‘agreeable’, far from it in fact. He is not really outgoing either, is not a genuine person who shows any warmth towards others, and as for being neurotic – he’s got it written all over him.

Laid back, retiring, more concerned about the welfare of animals and open to experiences, these are some of the traits of cat people. We are also more intelligent, more likely to be college-educated, and simply better people in my opinion! Most dog people tend to be jerks who allow their furkids to shit all over the sidewalks where pedestrians walk, and to run free even though there are leash laws in this city. Cats do not have to be potty trained and are just as smart if not smarter, than canines. Felines, like those of us who love them, refuse to conform to the ways of the masses. We refuse to be sheeple!

Dogs may be more submissive animals than the independent cat, but dogs can also be – like humans – prejudiced against people, usually those with darker skin. Canine-crazed experts claim that dogs lack the precognitive ability to be racists, but a dog can be socialized to be prejudiced against certain ethnic groups if that dog is never around them whilst growing from puppy into adult dog. I’m sure there are cats that are the same but I have never heard of this while ‘racist dogs’ articles abound on the Internet.

Another cat people versus dog people thing is the perceived femininity of the feline, while the canine is considered masculine. Nearly every cat commercial one sees has a female human – you rarely see a man in a cat commercial – while you see people of both genders in commercials catering to dogs and their humans. Because most of global society is male-dominated, dogs get more attention from people because this is how it’s come to be. Women are still not on an equal footing with men, and cats are in the same predicament though internationally, they are the most popular of pets and you will find that many households with a cat have more than one. Cats are not as costly as dogs, you don’t have to walk them nor worry about them shitting or pissing all over your new carpet (though there may be a hairball from time to time), and they don’t stink.

Cats – and cat people – don’t get as much respect from society as do the canine-crazed and their mutts. We are called ‘crazy cat ladies’ if female, and if male, then ‘he must be gay’ as if big, brawny hetero guys all have a fixation on aggressive breed dogs or wolf hybrids. Personally, I find cat fancying guys more sensitive, interesting, and sexy as hell because they are different than the ‘norm’. My current beau, one of those dog obsessed types with a penchant for putting down women and a strange type of attachment to his mother, will be the last dog lover I ever date (for I shall never make the mistake of marrying the guy). From now on, if the guy is not a cat person, then he’s not a man I should speak to.

Dog owners like to say, “I hate cats!”. But you never hear cat owners say the same about dogs which speaks volumes for our maturity levels, sense of decency, and loving hearts even while the world claims us to be ‘neurotic’, ‘standoffish’, and ”introverted’ like our pets. I’m so glad that cats are the true stars of the Internet while dogs are at last, in one area. relegated to the back burner – though I am beyond sick and tired of seeing ‘Grumpy Cat’ memes everywhere!


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