Today, many Whites across America will rejoice. Why? Because this is 20 January 2017, the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. All the rednecks, anti-feminists, trailer scum, racists, queer-bashers, and other assorted riff-raff will party in the streets waving their Nazi flags and White Power symbol posters, all while blasting noise from the likes of such bands as Max Resist and Intimidation One.

To be fair, not all of the Trump’s supporters are foaming-at-the-mouth bigots, ready to do battle for their White Knight in Shining Armor whilst yelling ‘Sieg Heil’ and giving the Nazi salute. Not all the Conservatives out there hate minorities and women and the sexually challenged, despite what you may have heard, read or seen to the contrary. It is true, however, that those with leanings toward the far Right hold views that are more favorable to their own in-group, be that Americans (it is well known that Conservatives are extreme patriots), Whites, or wealthy members of the local country club that for years would not accept Jewish, minority, or non-Christian members.

In Europe, the conservative groups are always against immigration and blame the rising tide of non-White faces in Europe on higher crime rates, loss of jobs & housing to natives, and acts of terrorism. I will concur that when a lot of immigrants arrive in a country, they tend to take away resources that should go to citizens of that country. It is totally unfair to those of us that are actually born in a nation to have to compete with others, who aren’t even in the country legally and barely speak the language if at all, for employment, housing, state aid, and other opportunities that only a citizen should receive.

According to the Alternet site, one survey conducted by Paul Sniderman of Stanford University had these results when respondents were asked whether or not they agreed with government sponsored programs that would guarantee equal opportunities for Blacks in the United States:

75 % of college-educated liberals supported this legislation favoring African-Americans, compared with only 38% of college-educated conservatives.

A group of psychologists from Harvard University conducted an implicit racism test with 130,000 White Americans, and what they discovered is that the majority of them – whether they identified as Liberal or Conservative – displayed a tendency towards anti-Black prejudice. (The implicit racism test had the participants to choose a word, negative or positive, when they were shown a Black or a White face. The more ethnocentric a White person, the longer they hesitated before choosing a word to go with a Black face.) 

Voting patterns reveal that the more prejudiced a person is, the more likely that person is to vote for a Republican candidate. It is telling that some of the most overwhelmingly Republican states are in the Midwest and the South, respectively. The more Liberal states tend to be out on the West Coast and up in New England – Hawaii is a Liberal state, but Alaska (traditionally an area that has been populated by White men) is Conservative.

Donald Trump will ascend to the throne, and Whites everywhere – male and female – will be jubilant because it is the Whites in this country that continue to hold a favorable view of the man, probably due to the fact that he will be replacing President Obama in the White House today. The future shall prove that those who voted against Trump, and those that hold the belief that he will be the worst president this country has ever had, are in all likelihood correct in their opinion. After all, a lot of very uneducated and simply stupid people voted for Trump just because the idea of a woman – even a White one – becoming president after a Black male reigned supreme for 8 years was just too much for them to handle. 

I think American voters made an enormous, and very ignorant, mistake. Trump is a trust find brat with misogynist views of women and bigoted actions against minorities and non-Christians. He is the very type of person that White trash love to emulate, in their own boorish way of course, and Trump can get away with a lot of his juvenile shit simply because he is so very rich. Well, let’s see what he does for all your poor ignoramuses out there that helped to elect him into the presidency.


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