1. dislike or fear of black people.
Negrophobia – 

Negrophobia is a fear of negro peoples worldwide. It can be influenced by various things, such as racism or traumatic events and circumstances.

Negrophobia is a very real condition that affects a large segment of the world’s population. A high percentage of Americans suffer from the phobia regardless of whether they are White or not. As a matter of fact, there are Blacks who are frightened of their own people, and this small number includes myself. I won’t say that I dislike Black people but I definitely fear them and this goes for many of the young women as well as the men no matter the age (unless they are quite elderly, over 65). 
I will admit, I do suffer from a dislike of Asian people, and I also carry a bit of dislike for White people as well. While I could find a name for a Chinese phobia, I could not find such a name for a phobia that is anti White. Is anyone surprised? Being a misanthropist, I loathe the humans on this planet and would be most happy if I could spend the rest of my life alone in the woods of the Sierra Nevadas but that doesn’t appear to be likely any time soon, therefore suffer with society I must. Oh Goddess, help me!
Negrophobia has become rampant since President Obama took office, and I don’t predict it will go away simply because they have a White man back in power. The Black Codes, Jim Crow laws, slavery, Civil Rights Movement, Affirmative Action, lynchings and the modern day version of it (unarmed Blacks killed by police) were and are the results of virulent Negrophobia.
It is not easy being a non-White in America as it is, but for us Black people it’s particularly hard. We are the Others, the beasts at the end of the Glock, the creatures on the news that are often shot by blood-crazed cops, the animals that the White man fears, the rapists, the thugs, the drug dealers, the foaming-at-the-mouth things that even the other minorities shy away from. No one wants to be around the Black person. They look at us with fright in their blue eyes, shiver with fright at hearing about a victim of a Black gangster on the news, feel the utmost fear in their hearts when they encounter more than one Black walking the streets.
No other race, no other ethnic group, is as despised as the Black. I daresay it is the same way in other countries with diverse populations: Britain, France, Holland, Canada and Germany. These nations are White lands, but there are a lot of Blacks and Asians living in them as well. When I first visited Europe in 1999, London was the most diverse city I toured, followed by Paris and Amsterdam. When I went back in 2010, I saw that Berlin had become nearly the same way – I’ve not ever been to Canada but I am certain there must be a significant non-White population in that country because there are Natives as well as a lot of Asians up there!
Negrophobia is here to stay – unfortunately, until shows like the First 48 showcase more Whites murdering other Whites, the media stops hyping police shootings of unarmed Blacks by flashing mugshots of the victims (as if their having a criminal past makes it okay for cops to kill them), and Whites themselves cease with their ranting via social media that Black men are raping White women, killing White people, and behaving like the ‘criminal thugs’ they are, it will never go away. This means with any of us that feel Black people are an element to be feared, myself included.

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