The rich are viewed differently than the rest of us. They are often seen as immortal, all-powerful, and somehow ‘better’…everybody wants to be your friend if you’ve got money, whereas the poor are seen as worthless, impotent, and not as good, particularly if they are without a home (and there are some that live on the streets not because they are addicted to substances or just too cheap to rent a room but because they are so mentally ill, they simply cannot function like ‘normal’ people).

When violent crimes are committed by the wealthy, they are usually able to get out of it. They hire the ‘best’ defense attorneys and receive glowing references from witnesses, then walk out of jail or prison with a happy smile even if they murdered someone in cold blood. Affluent males who rape will usually get acquitted or serve an absurdly light sentence at some country club prison. However, when a poor person commits the same type of offense, he is demonized by the media and, with only the aid of a public defender, winds up spending a lengthy term behind bars.

OJ Simpson, despite the recent series where some of the experts claim that he could not have carried out that double murder on his own, is in my mind guilty, but he was exonerated by the (mostly) Black jury, mostly because he is OJ Simpson and not some poor Black street punk named Jamal Davis. Yes, they backed that race traitor Oreo, a celebrity who hardly had anything positive to offer the poor Black communities but instead yucked it up with the likes of Robert Kardashian, among others, in formerly all-White country clubs and predominantly White neighborhoods.

Other well-known people who either were with someone who took the life of another or actually did the deed themselves (whether purposefully or not) include:

Former First Lady Laura Bush

Rapper Snoop Dog

Actor Robert Blake

Model Rebecca Gayheart (pictured above)

Boxing Promoter Don King

Singer Brandy Norwood (2nd photo )

Sprinter Oscar Pistorius

A case in point is the story of Robert Durst. This multiple killer’s wife vanished under mysterious circumstances, he murdered his neighbor, Morris Black, allegedly over a gun, dismembered the man’s body before dumping it in a lake – gets acquitted by a jury in Texas (Texans aren’t known to be the brightest Americans far as I’m concerned), and now has been charged with killing his best friend!

Another is Ethan Couch, a drunken teen whose speeding

caused the deaths of four people. What happens to this child of privilege? Four years probation. That’s it. No time behind bars even though his drunken actions led to four people losing their lives. I hope the families filed a civil suit against the smug young bastard.

Then there is Robert Richards IV, a DuPont heir, who was arrested for molesting his 3 year daughter. His sentence? He must register as a sex offender the rest of his life which may or may not prevent him from trying to fuck another little girl. Tragic. He was given 8 years but the judge felt so sorry for the wealthy prick that he commuted the prison term to probation. Their families probably belonged to the same posh country club.

Martin Joel Erzinger

It’s a damn shame that the justice system is so fucked up in this country (and others but I am not too concerned with them). Maybe if the People stand up for themselves and stop being the sheeple that they are, life in these United States will change, and hopefully…for the better.


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