The Daughters of Zion – sometimes it will be simply ‘daughter’ – is a phrase that, if one is into such fairy tales, will be seen time and again in the Bible of the Christians, particularly the Old Testament which is also a part of Judaism (the Torah). Now to most theologians, the Daughters of Zion are believed to be a metaphor for Israel, and not a certain individual or group of women.

Take these verses as examples:

2 Kings 19:21: A people confident in the deliverance of their God. When Assyria threatened Jerusalem, King Hezekiah went to the Lord. In response, God sent Isaiah to reassure Hezekiah that Jerusalem would not fall to Assyria, and God considered the threatening insult to “the virgin daughter of Zion” as a personal affront to Himself.

Isaiah 1:8: A hut, abandoned after judgment came to an evil family. Here, Isaiah compares the rebellion of Judah to a sick body in a devastated land. The daughter of Zion is left as a lone remnant—a shelter hidden in the vineyard or a hut in a cucumber field that barely escaped destruction.

Jeremiah 4:31: A woman in labor, helpless before attackers. The steadfastness of Hezekiah was rare in Judah—most kings encouraged rebellion against God instead of loyalty to God. Jeremiah warns that if the nation does not turn away from evil, God will punish them severely. And the people will be helpless against it—as helpless as a woman in labor.

Isaiah 62:11: A people awaiting salvation. After the punishment of exile, God promises restoration to Israel. He will rejoice over His chosen people again. And in verse 11, He promises the daughter of Zion, “Lo, your salvation comes; behold His reward is with Him, and His recompense before Him.”

Micah 4:13: A bull that threshes his enemies. In verse 10, God warns that the daughter of Zion will suffer as much as a woman in labor. But in verse 13, He promises vengeance. The weak, powerless woman will become a bull with horns of iron and hoofs of bronze that will crush its enemies.

Zechariah 9:9
: A land awaiting its king. This prophecy promises Israel’s enemies will be destroyed, but also speaks about a more permanent solution to the problem of sin. “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Should in triumph, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your king is coming to you; he is just and endowed with salvation, humble, and mounted on a donkey, even on a colt, the foal of a donkey.” Despite the consistent rebellion of the daughter of Zion against her Father, He promises to restore her and present her with a Deliverer-King in the form of Jesus.

However, Black religious leaders are using their supposed ‘Word of God’ to further their cause of misogyny (which is deep in the Black community as you may have noticed with hip hop and the scale of violence inflicted upon Black females by Black men) by claiming that there is a curse upon Black women and it’s known as the Curse of the Daughters of Zion.

According to these women-hating fools, the Curse involves: Black women having ‘nappy’ hair that breaks off or is thinning, when it should be long and flowing down our backs to hide our figures; a bad smell when we get our monthly menses, when in fact we should have a sweet smell like roses; and that because Black women are ‘whores’ and more concerned with ‘bling’ than faith, this is why they are cursed!

If any group of people are ‘cursed’ in this world, I would state that it is the Black male. Anywhere you go as a Black man, you will be viewed as a potential rapist (especially of White women), thief, lazy bum, drug dealer, drunken monkey, dumb ass thug, and a general menace to society. Black women are just not held in the same disdain as Black men are except by the true White supremacists who hate everybody, probably even themselves. Black women need to stop believing this bullshit and stop being with men that belittle them. One reason I stopped dating Black men is because of this type of shit – who needs it? Not I.

All this crap about the Daughters of Zion being a curse against Black women is ignorant and a tool used by misogynists to further their women-hating cause. Black men already are looked upon as the devils of the world, so in order to lift themselves up, they bash their women rather than stand by them. The Bible is a collection of fairy tales not meant to be taken literally but unfortunately, there are a lot of sheeple in the world that can’t think for themselves. I guess it hurts their brains too much.


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