Slurs are used to insult those who are of a different race, religion, gender, or ethnicity than the one using the term. Many slurs didn’t start out that way but most were created specifically to put down a group of people. It is generally thought that only the ignorant use such designations, but people from all walks of life, across the spectrum of colors, from the very poor to the ultra rich, can be guilty of voicing a racial or ethnic slur against someone who is different. The N word (nigger) is the most popular of all racial slurs in my opinion.

There are also sexual slurs, and one of the most well-known of these is the B word: bitch. One hears it so often in movies nowadays that it makes one wonder if all filmmakers are misogynists. For me, as a screenwriter, it is certainly food for thought and it’s also one damn good reason that I choose not to employ that hateful word so much in my own scripts, except when it’s absolutely necessary and to be used by a character one would usually associate with using such a term. I also have powerful and very mentally strong female leads, which isn’t always the case with films, particularly of horror.

Have you ever noticed how many sexual slurs there are for women? You do see them for men but they are typically used against gays, who tend to be quite feminine. I do believe that misogyny, most of which stems from patriarchal religions, is to blame for all of the vocal vitriol we women must suffer hearing on TV shows and film and often, from our own mates. You don’t hear slurs for men, gay or otherwise, on a daily basis. But if you are female, you will often hear the dreaded B word.

Racial slurs are even worse. I was watching the first episode of the Viceland special ‘Hate Thy Neighbor’ and of course the host, comedian Jamali Maddix – an East Londoner with an accent that is sometimes hard for me to understand – is referred to as a ‘sand nigger’ by one of the racists he is interviewing. Jamali claims that all of the people working on this series are Jewish – and that’s probably true – and one of the guys allowed him to listen in on the shit these White Separatists were saying, and every other sentence that came from one racist’s mouth was ‘sand nigger’ this, and ‘sand nigger’ that. I tell you, ‘nigger’ is one of White people’s favorite words for us, followed by ‘monkey’, ‘ape’, ‘coon’, ‘blackie’ and quite possibly ‘gorilla’.

I am not guilt-free when it comes to racial or ethnic slurs.Whenever I road rage, I often use slurs for the drivers I am ranting against. In fact, just yesterday afternoon, I was raging about this White bitch – yes, I used the B word – who was coming up fast behind me in her yuppie Toyota. I slowed down just to piss her off, then I gave her the finger through the rearview mirror and speeded up. Not sure if the cunt, another word I used, even noticed but if I had been able to, I would have run her off the road and then dragged her from her ivory Japmobile and whipped her stinking flat ass (and yes, that is the tirade I growled as I went my way and she went hers).

One of my New Year Resolutions for 2017 was to use less profanity and I am already screwing up. I will endeavor to use other words rather than slurs from now on, no matter how pissed off I get, It is simply boorish, uncouth, crass, and beyond rude to employ such words when one knows better. I was never raised that way, and I can unlearn the behavior because it’s not something I was taught. Rather, these cruel and nasty words are the product of having to live in a racist society. I can live in such a world but I refuse to step down and become part of the problem, as with those awful, low-class White Supremacists that were featured on ‘Hate Thy Neighbor’ the other week.


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